Pro Cycling and Fitness Now Offers Retul Bike Fitting Services

Pro Cycling and Fitness is pleased to announce they now offer Retul bike fitting services

Online PR News – 19-September-2014 – Miami, FL – Miami, Florida, September 7, 2014: Pro Cycling and Fitness is pleased to announce they now offer Retul bike fitting services to ensure their customers receive the right bike for their size and their needs. Bikes come in a variety of sizes and require a proper fitting to ensure riders remain safe and comfortable. Because most riders aren’t sure how to find the right size, the professionals at Pro Cycling and Fitness are ready to assist.

Pro Cycling and Fitness currently offers a full staff of experienced, trained individuals who use the Retul method of fitting riders for their bikes. These friendly, knowledgeable individuals are ready to help bikers of all ages and sizes find the perfect fit so they can enjoy riding, whether they ride recreationally or competitively. They can help fit individuals with all types of bikes, including racing, triathlon and mountain bikes.

When consumers turn to Pro Cycling and Fitness for their biking needs, they will find a staff ready to help them with all aspects of the buying process. Their professionals can help riders choose the best type of bike to meet their needs, as well as providing the right fit.

Anyone who would like to learn about the Retul bike fitting services can find out more by visiting the Pro Cycling and Fitness website or by calling 1-877-874-5864.

About Pro Cycling and Fitness: Pro Cycling and Fitness is a bike and fitness shop located in Miami, Florida. They specialize in triathlon bikes and also provide a variety of other bike options, including racing and mountain bikes. In addition to a vast selection of bikes, the store also offers a variety of fitness gear, including what is necessary to participate in triathlon races. Their staff is knowledgeable and can help all customers purchase the right products to meet their needs. They strive to put their customers first, providing the highest level of customer service.

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