Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney Occupies New Executive Offices

Powerhouse Online Legal Marketer and property developer unleashes a multi-pronged market assault utilizing top Google rankings, Video, Social Media Management and Google Places to support Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney client. Landlord guarantees 1,000% return.

Online PR News – 06-August-2010 – – Americans are online. Everywhere. Google. Twitter. Facebook…Big Surprise. Small businesses (and that includes law firms) haven’t caught on. Almost half, 46%, don’t even have a website. And for the vast majority that do have sites, they are ineffective brochures that no one sees. Traditional advertising outlets like Yellow Pages and Newspapers are delivering less bang for their buck…if any.

Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney Benjamin Dodge recognized this void and pounced on the opportunity to partner with legal specialty, online property developer, and direct marketing firm—a company that guarantees their “tenants” a 1,000% return.

As a result Dodge now occupies prime online-real estate,, situated on Google’s first page for several important search terms. (Mesa bankruptcy Attorney #2, Mesa Bankruptcy Attorneys #6, Mesa Bankruptcy Lawyer #8, Mesa Bankruptcy Lawyers #10)

“While this is a nice start, we anticipate owning position #1 for all these terms and significant positions for several other important relevant searches, but it’s just the beginning,” affirms Tobi Rhayne, head of webLegalMarketing, “Through our Social Media Management we’ll drive significant traffic to the site. We’ve already seen the beginnings of that. And compounding that with video production and distribution, email capture and follow-up as well as other initiatives…our goal is to help make Ben Dodge a very significant player on the Mesa, Arizona legal scene.”

Practising law, obviously, requires its own particular expertise. Given the daily restrictions on a successful lawyer’s time, it's unrealistic to expect to master the law, marketing and dynamic technology involved online. Something has to give. It makes more sense for a lawyer to spend their time perfecting their ability to truly benefit their clients than to understand the nuances of Twitter and how to integrate it with their blog and 25 other social networks.

“We recognize the need for having an online presence. We can do it ourselves but when we do, our implementation, often using multiple vendors, ends up piecemeal…a website here, a video there, and keeping up with the technology and the marketing avenues requires time” states Ben Dodge, “Time that I’m unwilling to pull from my clients and practising law. The breadth of services that WebLegalMarketing is astounding…and their 1,000% return guarantee doesn’t hurt either”, grins Dodge. “We really hope that this flourishes into a long term partnership. So far so good.”