ProofHub improves collaboration at work through its German language feature

In its latest updates, ProofHub announced the introduction of German in its set of languages being offered to the users.

Online PR News – 19-September-2014 – Clifton, New Jersey – ProofHub, a popular project management tool has introduced the German language feature in its application for boosting collaboration in projects. Having already come up with French, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish languages for improved business communication, it has now brought in German for the benefit of users speaking this language. This will impart people coming from different cultural backgrounds, the ability to connect and communicate in a convenient manner. They can readily share, exchange views over matters pertaining to business and work. ProofHub account owners can now opt for the German language from the settings tab and start working in the language of their choice. This utility would enable team members collaborating over projects to grasp a better understanding of various work related instructions. Their productivity will be enhanced. This will aid in systematic execution of projects.

ProofHub came up with this feature for allowing German speaking people to communicate in their own language. They would be able to enjoy their work even more. This has enabled it to spread its reach to an increased number of people around the world. People who wanted to subscribe to this project management and collaboration software, but could not do as they were unable to work in their favored language will be benefitting from this. As culturally diverse members in teams faced difficulty in effectively communicating with each other, ProofHub addressed this problem by letting members customize their account language as per their preference.

As German language did not exist in the set of languages, so users were unable to work with the software in a more convenient way. But now they can work in the language of their choice. They would be able to navigate with the user interface in their own language. This will improve management over projects.

“We always desired to reach out to an even greater number of people, so as to make ProofHub a universal name in the sphere of collaboration and project management. Feedback gained from
our multiple clients made us know that though they were happy with the software’s functionality, inability to work in their desired language was their only worry. This spurred us to provide this solution, so more people could join into the ProofHub’s community. We genuinely feel that when language barrier among people is done away with or at least diluted, a business can function more smoothly. It would be able to grow in the desired manner”, commented team ProofHub on the launch of this feature.

About ProofHub:

ProofHub is a web-based project management system that facilitates better management over a project by making it more structured, organized and coordinated. The projects can be executed faster with proper utilization of allocated resources. The tasks can be better distributed, allocated, scheduled, executed, tracked and controlled through use of this tool. It enables easy and spontaneous communication and collaboration amongst team members who may be based in different parts of the world and thus they can resolve important project matters quickly. A project gets finished on time and an organization is able to achieve its key objectives. This helps it to win over new clients and customers and which leads to its growth and prosperity.