New Site Demystifies Travel Insurance and Helps Vacationers Select the Right One

With so many unexpected events having an adverse effect on travel, people are increasingly turning to travel insurance, and was launched to educate people on the subject.

Online PR News – 06-August-2010 – – In May of this year, thousands upon thousands of people have had their travel plans ruined by the volcanic activity in Iceland. North American flights to and from the European continent were grounded for safety reasons as the ash can have catastrophic effects on jet engines. Moreover, for a period of time, even intra European flights, in particular those originating from or terminating in England and Spain, were grounded as well. These events can develop quickly and dramatically, and oftentimes the ultimate victims are the passengers whose travel plans are severely interrupted at best, and left stranded without a place to stay for days on end at worst.

When travel plans are interrupted, problems immediately are compounded for those who have connecting flights or hotel reservations or other related reservation, ranging from non-refundable activity reservations to complicated and expensive arrangements such as a cruise, for example. No matter what the cause of the interruption, oftentimes the traveler is left without recourse, no way to get refunds or an adjustment to their schedule. In short, travelers often are left holding the bag, having paid for services which have all of a sudden become unavailable to them.

It is no wonder then that many travelers have begun to investigate the concept of insuring their travels, in particular when the travel arrangement is sequenced with other arrangements such as accommodations, activities, or other continued travel over air, land or sea. Travel insurance ensures that should an unexpected event occur that results in missed flights, connections or other covered disasters, the policy holder has an opportunity to recover something, rather than face the complete loss of their prepaid travel arrangements.

Unfortunately for many, the concept of travel insurance is not only alien, but downright intimidating. Many people have been conditioned to avoiding add-on charges to anything they purchase. Sure, they’ve seen those extended warranties for appliances and even automobiles and electronics that they have purchased, but many consumer advocate groups advise against taking them, so it is understandable for consumers to be leery about travel insurance. To address this issue, TwinLions Marketing LLC established, a new site that aims to demystify the idea of travel insurance, and offer guides so that the consumer can decide on their own which travel insurance to consider for the travel they are about to take. The site can guide them to the cheapest travel insurance, as well as provide travel insurance reviews to ensure that they are able to assemble enough information to help them make an educated purchase.

“Consumers have witnessed horror stories of travelers getting stuck with no way to recoup the money they have prepaid, and with, we hope to educate readers so that in the future they will have the knowledge to pick an option to protect their investment,” notes Tony Melvin, a leading contributor to the site and president of TwinLions Marketing LLC, the company behind

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Tony Melvin
TwinLions Marketing, LLC