Easy Salesforce.com integration

Connect from any software into your Salesforce.com. Simply automate your business processes or save money and time

Online PR News – 19-September-2014 – Denver – You can easily integrate Salesforce.com into your company`s business processes. Connect Bridge enables easy and fast Salesforce.com integration with LOB systems such as Microsoft Exchange, QuickBooks or Microsoft SharePoint.

Connect Bridge makes Salesforce.com integration easy and fast. For instance it enables you to easily synchronize contacts among various LOB systems. In companies usually each department uses different system for keeping customer data. Connect Bridge enables easy synchronization among different ERP, HR, CRM or accounting systems. It runs in the background and keeping your data up to date. Connect Bridge lowers integration effort, increases development productivity, saves time and money, maintain data integrity and you can start to work with it in just a few hours.


For Salesforce.com users is now easy to enter the ecosystem of Microsoft. Salesforce.com integration with Microsoft Exchange, Salesforce.com and Microsoft SharePoint integration, data migration from Microsoft Dynamics or synchronization with Microsoft Dynamics NAV are just a few examples. The integration is live and bidirectional.


You can use Connect Bridge also for integration with QuickBooks, Dropbox or PeopleSoft from Oracle. Moreover ultimate capabilities of Connect Bridge allow you to combine various functionalities of different LOB systems into the mobile solution (http://www.connecting-software.com/index.php/en/solutions/products/cb-mobile-crm).

Connect Bridge even enables you to do your reports in Excel. Get the data you need from Salesforce.com into Excel completely by yourself. The days when you needed developer or administrator to provide you with data you need are over.


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