Apps Mav Unveils Group Deal Social Commerce Tool For Small Businesses

The tool makes it simpler for brands to launch group-locked deals resulting more exposure for their offers and discounts.

Online PR News – 17-September-2014 – New South Wales, Australia – Apps Mav, a Sydney-based startup involved in social commerce innovation, known for enabling businesses to create a strong online presence, recently unveiled their latest social Deals App; Group Deal. The app is intended to help businesses stay on top of their game by boosting their sales via Facebook. Touted as one of the most comprehensive in the digital and social media market, the Group Deal app is designed in accordance with the evolving and competitive nature of social media.

It is no secret how crucial the role of a social media strategist is in the overall development of a business. It is their job to ensure that the brand is promoted in the best possible way. The Group Deal app comes handy as it helps businesses in promoting their business on the world’s largest social networking site: Facebook! Deals and discounts have always attracted traffic on social media, as it gives a chance to both visitors and brands to win something! The Group Deal app allows businesses of varied sizes to become engaging and popular on Facebook by giving away exclusive deals and discounts.

The social media market is highly touted and demands every business to adopt competitive measures for growth and expansion. With Group Deal app, brands can actually go beyond fans and generate valuable leads. The easy to install and manage app allows businesses to kick start the campaign within a few seconds of installation. For brands looking to increase their fan base, the app is a boon. The concept is simple - brand can offer new deals everyday, however, the deals only unlock after a pre-defined number of users sign up for the deal, resulting in viral amounts of sharing. Once installed, it encourages visitors to first “Like” the fan page in order to avail hot deals and discounts.

In context with social media, branding plays a very decisive role. The Group Deal app enables proper branding as it collects visitors’ details manually to be used later to send promotional newsletters.

The Group Deal app ensures that the brands are seen and heard online by promoting it to a larger and wider scale to gain maximum results. The app allows new businesses to penetrate in the market using Facebook, thus pushing the brand in the right direction.

The Group deal app is available for a monthly subscription from $4.95. The subscription to one app unlocks access to a dozen other ROI driven apps, which can be used by businesses for optimum growth. Brands can run a photo contest on Facebook, sell on Facebook, give away coupons, and much more using the apps.

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