Raven Blair Davis presents The Careers From The Kitchen Table 2010

National Home Business Directory CBS (formerly CNN) Talk Radio Show Host & Celebrity Interviewer, Raven Blair Davis Shows You How To Turn Up The Heat in Your Kitchen.. Without Cookin' A Thing.

Online PR News – 06-August-2010 – – Houston, TX -- August 04, 2010 -- You are the builder of your life and your business. You can lay the foundation according to what you think you know or you can get firsthand insight into what others did that were in your same situation … economy affecting their job, decline in retirement investments and some just wanting to take control of their life from this day forward. The economy has affected many individuals, families and corporations. As a result, the number of home based business owners has increased dramatically and continues to rise. According to the Census, the number of self-employed who work exclusively from home increased from 3.47 million in 1999 to 4.34 million in 2005.

The total population of working from home at least some of the time increased from 9.48 million to 11.33 million in the same period. It is often thought that people who work from home do not make any money. Celebrity interviewer, speaker and former CNN talk show host, Raven Blair Davis sets the record straight and releases an e-book version of The Careers From The Kitchen Table 2010 National Home Business Directory which shares over 50 inspiring and extraordinary stories on their journey into entrepreneurship, challenges and how they got passed them. You will read Raven Blair Davis’ story of how she was in the hospital seeing after her mom and got the idea in February 2006 to start the Women Power Radio Network to empower and inspire women who were much like her that were baby boomers, who had stopped dreaming, gave up on their goals and visions.

Her mission was to get them to realize that Life was just beginning and the best is yet to come when you are over 40. That women could get pass their setbacks, challenges and start turning their dreams into a reality and make it happen! You will read how she began to draft the format of her show, did research to create it as well as market it from the hospital since she lived there 3 and ½ days a week. One month later she launched her first Women Power Talk Radio show (www.womenpower-radio.com) right from her kitchen table. Another story that is sure to get you excited about starting your business is the one about Leah Humphries. At the age of twenty she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and two years later underwent colon surgery. She now had to face the world with an ileostomy. Her ostomy became her secret which also resulted in her no longer being willing to take chances. Leah entered into marriage to reinforce her need for safety resulted in the loss of self. She was ashamed of having to wear especially during intimate times with her husband and created My Hear Ties which is a heart shape cover up that provides beauty and security for those intimate moments.

The Careers From The Kitchen Table 2010 Home Business Directory is unique by featuring these different stories, as well as a collection of incredible interviews from top experts which includes the audio. Featured interviews include but are not limited to Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Wally Amos, Lisa Nicholes, JB Hill (Napoleon Hill’s grandson), Cynthia Kersey and many many more. This is not just a feel good book, The Careers From The Kitchen Table 2010 Home Business Directory gives the readers action steps to get them started. The Careers from The Kitchen Table 2010 Home Business Directory leaves readers with not only inspiration and empowerment to being a home-based business, but also gives them success strategies on what and how to implement them. Those strategies alone can reduce the amount of time and money normally spent in the beginning on trying to figure out what type of business, advertising and various associations to pursue.

Instead of someone else holding the reins on your income as well as your future, now its up to you to decide what your future will hold and who holds it! Are you ready to make a change for the better and begin creating the lifestyle you were born to live? You have just walked into the movie theater and your business is about to play on the BIG SCREEN – how will it start, how long does it last and the ending has yet to be written… Grab your copy of The Careers From The Kitchen Table 2010 National Home Business Directory today at http://blucanvis.com/careers/ About Raven Blair Davis Raven Blair Davis is the popular host of Internet Radio shows: Women Power -Radio and Mentoring from MLM Divas Live! Known as the Talk Show Maven, Raven Blair Davis has over 25 years experience in telecommunications, tele-sales/telemarketing, customer service and management. She is also the Author of, Kitchen Table Radio – Home Study Course, How to Produce, Post and Profit from Your Own Radio Show.” She also just recently launched a show on WBLQ FM that spotlights celebrity’s who give back in a big way….making a difference and paying it forward. You may contact Raven at www.careersfromthekitchentable.com

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