BNoticed Announces Top 10 Innovative Alternatives for School Fundraisers

Innovative Fundraisers Can Fill Gap Created by School Funding Cuts

Online PR News – 05-August-2010 – – San Diego, CA - BNoticed, a full service promotional products distributor of logo products and customized apparel, announces the Top 10 Innovative Alternatives for School Fundraisers.

Across the nation, schools are turning to fundraising to fill the gap from increasing budget cuts. In the past, fundraisers focused on supporting extracurricular activities such as clubs and sporting programs. Today, schools must increasingly utilize fundraisers to maintain student services and education programs including bus transportation, cafeteria staff, school nurses, updated text books, tutoring and even teacher aids. This means more schools are relying on more fundraisers.

“With the increased focus on school fundraising, competition for donor dollars can be expected to increase substantially,” says Gregg Taft, owner of BNoticed. “As a result, it is more important than ever for schools to find innovative fundraising alternatives to stand out from other fundraisers and to optimize the return from their programs.”

While there are a variety of pre-packaged fundraiser programs available, custom programs can be developed using promotional products and logo apparel. With hundreds of thousands of promotional products available and the ability to further decorate many of them with custom designed imprints, promotional products and logo apparel provide schools the opportunity to create unique fundraising programs tailored to the school’s and community’s needs and interests.

“The ability to decorate products with custom designs enables schools to reach out to supports by utilizing school logo or mascot imprints on the products and/or to utilize trendy designs to appeal to a wide range of consumers,” says Taft. “In addition, schools can further engage students in the selection of products and creation of decoration designs.”

Compared to traditional, pre-packaged fundraiser programs, promotional products can enable schools to capture a greater percentage of the revenue from their fundraisers while providing products that are more uniquely marketable to their community.

BNoticed’s Top 10 Innovative Alternatives for School Fundraisers are:

1. Custom Calendars

In addition to featuring the school’s logo and/or mascot, custom calendars allow schools to utilize photos of the school, students, staff, sports teams or even past activities for each of the monthly pictures. Schools can also feature student designs, cartoons or artwork on these calendars for more retail appeal. It is even possible to customize the date grid on the calendar to include planned community events, parent –teacher meetings, school holidays and sports schedules.

2. Reusable Shopping Tote Bags

With many cities and states passing legislation banning disposable plastic bags, demand for Eco-Friendly reusable shopping tote bags can be expected to continue to increase creating the potential for a timely fundraiser that meets the needs of both schools and consumers. A wide variety of totes are available in varying sizes, colors and shapes. Decorating options vary from a one-color imprint on one side to full-color two-sided imprints. In addition, insulated tote are available for refrigerated and frozen goods.

3. Logo Water Bottles

BPA-Free Water Bottles continue to be highly popular retail products. This also makes them great for fundraisers. From BPA-Free Plastic and Aluminum Bottles to more durable Stainless Steel Bottles, there are a wide range of shapes, styles, colors and features to choose from. While most include at least a one-color imprint in 1 location, many feature 2 location imprints with options for additional colors. For a retail appearance, consider select bottles featuring near 360 degree wrap imprints.

4. Customized Drawstring Backpacks

Customized Drawstring Backpacks are relatively inexpensive backpacks that can be customized with a school logo or design. While not intended for a stack of heavy books, these are great for the beach, park and gym. They’re increasingly popular items that come in a wide range of colors and styles.

5. Printed Pocket Hand Sanitizers

After last year’s H1N1 virus, often referred to as the swine flu, Hand Sanitizers are expected to be in high demand again this year. These products come in pocket size spray bottles, gels and lotions each of which can be customized with a logo, design or message. As relatively low cost items, these items offer the potential for a low sale price that can support a higher volume of sales.

6. Custom Rally Towels

Schools that have sports teams with avid followers can rally their supporters while raising funds using Custom Rally Towels featuring school colors along with team logo or mascot imprints. Sell them at rallies, games and post-game events.

7. Logo Pet Collars and Leashes

Retail sales of pet products continue to increase as more people view pets as members of their families. Schools can leverage this trend in their next fundraiser by selling pet collars and leashes imprinted with the school name or their team’s name. It’s a great way for these new “family members” to show their support for the school!

8. Custom Dog Tags

Custom Dog Tags are relatively inexpensive products that can be resold at a lower price and support higher sales volume creating the potential to limit upfront costs by re-ordering additional product as sales warrant. There are a variety of options from traditional stamped aluminum and screened metal tags to light-up plastic and scented silicone dog tags. By varying colors or imprints, schools can create a collection to further encourage purchase of multiple tags.

9. Gift Wrap

As an alternative to selling traditional wrapping paper, custom wrapping paper featuring the school logo, mascot or custom design provide a unique product for school supporters. In addition, logo imprinted wrapping paper allows the buyer to demonstrate their support for the school with each gift wrapped in the paper. Schools can engage students by holding a contest for holiday designs and feature one or more of these designs on the final product. There’s even custom tissue paper and logo ribbon available.

10. Fundraising Cards

Fundraising Cards offering discounts for products and services from various businesses are a mainstay of pre-packaged fundraising programs. Schools can distinguish themselves from others selling fundraiser cards by creating a custom program that features popular businesses that are well represented in their communities. While this requires supporters to solicit support from community businesses, the relevance of these businesses can pay off with a higher perceived value by potential customers. These cards can also help local businesses build traffic making them a win-win for the business and schools.

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