The Background And Creation Of Dearo, Makers Of RFID Blocking Sleeves

The founder and entrepreneur behind Dearo explains the background and creation of the company who make RFID Blocking Sleeves.

Online PR News – 16-September-2014 – San Antonio/TX – Dearo specialises in making and selling RFID Blocking Sleeves (at to customers all over the world. The Sleeves block electromagnetic interference with bank cards and other smart cards from devices used by thieves. Simply put, the sleeves secure confidential financial and personal information from being stolen by the increasing number of thieves and fraudsters who prey on card - owners and users to take any amount of money and commit identity theft.

The founder of Dearo is a young entrepreneur who, having been a victim of credit card fraud, decided that such a simple crime must in turn have an equally simple solution. The founder decided that protection and security against a crime that targets everyone who owns any bank cards or smart cards needed to be made more accessible to the public. It was then that Dearo, as a company, was born.

Extensive research was undertaken by the Market Research Department of the business, before a decision was made to join forces with a manufacturing company in China to create a unique, branded RFID Blocking Sleeve to be sold by Dearo in packs of 10. Once the design and packaging of the RFID Blocking Sleeves had been finalised, it was necessary for Dearo to decide how the sleeves would and could be sold most effectively.

The decision was made to list Dearo's RFID Blocking Sleeves on Amazon. Amazon is the largest online marketplace and is somewhere where a large number of consumers can search for and find products all in one place. Dearo decided to choose Amazon as an avenue for advertising and selling RFID Blocking Sleeves because of this large audience, which allows the company to stay in line with the main aim of making bank card and smart card protection and security accessible to as many people as possible.

Dearo RFID Blocking Sleeves are available to buy on Amazon now at The company plan to continue to manufacture and sell these sleeves and keep them easily accessible to the public. Further to this, the company plans to introduce new products - both related and unrelated to the information protection field - in the near future.