New Site Launched to Help Consumers Navigate Home Mortgage Relief Options

Home mortgage issues continue unabated as homeowners struggle with a sluggish economy and unfavorable mortgage terms. A new online site delivers fact-based solutions to help those in need.

Online PR News – 06-August-2010 – – Many homeowners who are experiencing difficulties with their mortgage situation are facing an uphill battle on many fronts, given the confluence of events in the past couple of years that have conspired to not only stifle the economy but also destroy the very foundation from which numerous home loans have originated. Indeed, consumers are facing unprecedented times, with hardships befalling so many, an ongoing disaster the likes of which have not been seen since the Great Depression. These are trying times and the ultimate tragedy will likely transcend mere statistics and factoids thrown out by talking heads. The real tragedy will be the loss of homes and the indescribable disruption this brings to families all across the nation.

Homeowners who have lost their employment most likely will have, at some point, also run out of the means to repay creditors. The consequence of missing payments is a credit record that will be shredded to pieces and relegated to the bottom of the credit worthy scale. The anecdotal evidence is everywhere, as everyone seems to know at least a person or two who has entered into this downward spiral, unable to repay loans of all sorts: credit cards, car loans, student loans.

However difficult the situation, homeowners are more than likely to be singularly focused on saving at least one thing, and that is their home. They sacrifice all else in an effort to divert scant resources to repay their home loan on time. Regretfully, sometimes this is not enough, as many who have adjustable loans have found out. After a short period of interest-only payments, homeowners are confronted with a payment obligation so massive that no matter how creative they are with their finances, they are unable to get out from underneath the home loan payment burden.

Recognizing that this overwhelming problem continues unabated despite numerous government programs to assist, concerned citizens launched, a free online resource that promises to deliver timely, accurate and relevant information, all in one place so that a homeowner doing research on what to do about their situation need not jump all over the internet in their quest to learn more about how to address their specific situation.

Potential homeowners who seek to take advantage of the glut of inventory in the market and depressed prices may think that their less than perfect credit may not suffice, particularly in this market where lenders have reigned in their practices. They may be pleased to know that buying a house with bad credit is not impossible; in fact, has plenty of advice on how to do just that. The key is being able to convince the lender, in a factual manner, that an adverse credit loan is applicable given one’s current financial situation.

“The internet is littered with bits of information here and there and requires quite a bit of effort to assemble, and often, the information is inconsistent, leaving the reader more confused than when he or she started. With, we are addressing this issue by producing accurate and up-to-date information that consumers are seeking in order to address their home loan concerns,” notes Jim Matheson, a leading contributor to

About: is a consumer centric, one-stop information shop that delivers the information that consumers need in order to address their home loan situation. The site also provides the requisite information for consumers seeking to acquire new property loans given today’s tight credit market.

Jim Matheson