SNAC-Expo Online Voting Opens Globally On September 16 2014

Due to incredible demand, the art submissions deadline for the SNAC-Expo Israeli Competition has been extended to September 30, 2014.

Online PR News – 16-September-2014 – Emerald Hills, Ca – Due to incredible demand, the art submissions deadline for the SNAC-Expo Israeli Competition has been extended to September 30, 2014. Voting begins on September 16, 2014.

Voters will have a chance to help promote artists by voting on line to choose favorite artwork from an exclusive selection in the SNAC-expo online art gallery for the current competition beginning September 16, 2014. Anyone around the world can participate by viewing, voting and sharing one of a kind line up of masterpieces by contemporary Israeli artists.

Voters can make a real difference in the life of artists as the art piece which receives the most votes will become eligible to take part in an international traveling exhibition. Votes will provide artists the visibility they deserve on a global scale.

The Social Network Art Competition Expo has been accepting submissions from Israeli artists throughout the world and has collected a large number of beautiful pieces as part of its recent competition.

In fact, there was so much interest on the part of Israeli artists that SNAC-expo decided to extend the submission deadline until Monday, September30. By that date, all submissions must be uploaded.

Voting on these pieces will be open to anyone throughout the world through the SNAC-expo website at and social media at

SNAC-expo encourages any artists who have not submitted their works at this time to quickly register and upload photos of their pieces according to the directions on the website. Voting instructions may also be found on the website.

SNAC-expo continues to support its mission of promoting marginalized artists through the reach of social networks as well as providing professional curation, exhibition and sales for the top artists. All work will be shown at galleries throughout the world and will be sold through the SNAC-expo online auction. All proceeds will be reinvested to support the artists and their communities. SNAC-expo is giving a voice to artists who may never be heard otherwise and asks the entire world for help in promoting them.

Artists who are interested in competing can find information at

To see past submissions, visit

For more information, see

About SNAC-expo:

SNAC-expo is an international fine art competition and exhibition that is a great opportunity for artists to have their work expertly curated, promoted, and exhibited in select venues throughout the world, and then auctioned in an online gallery.

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