“On A Drive With Life!!”, The breathtaking journey, the kindle and epub edition now available.

“On A Drive With Life!!”, The breathtaking journey, the kindle and epub edition now available.

Online PR News – 16-September-2014 – Patna – This book is also available in the market in hardcopy. This is a breathtaking journey of the character self portrayed beautifully in the stories. All the ingredients are amalgamated together in the form of varied emotions. From love to break ups, from success to failure, from horror to adventure, from sadness to happiness, a reader can find it all.

The aim of the stories is to convey in an innovative and beautiful way the life of the readers that he or she might have underwent during the course of life. Each stories with its shocking and mind boggling endings sends the message that how decisions in life can have a tremendous impact. The stories try to show how a character-self “Fights and survives the pressure of life”. This beautiful message is well said by the writer, “Reading the stories you will feel, that how small mistakes can ruin lives, and how you all are at a better place by not taking those decisions. So be proud of it.”
While in “Sweetest Gift Ever” you can find a young boy struggling between love and friendship at the same time in “The Haunted Village” you can find a man struggling for his life in a distant village. While “The Curse” and “A Trip On Train” attaches the strings of real life experiences of an encounter with the supernatural. Some of the other stories like “The Spicy Bet” and “Flat No 13” provide the right content of humor with a realization that you could have easily landed in that situation.

“I was A Failure” depicts filial relationships that any common joint family may have. While “I Was Selfish” shows the complicated ambition of a father, the burden of which he puts on his son. But both the stories end up showing the consequences of uncontrollable desire. The stories indeed connect with the present generation.

“The Three Stabs” and “An Orphan’s Desire”, describes the emotions of children and their desires while they are being constantly pushed towards hardship and a life of torment.
Patriotism and its ignorance in the society is well explained by “The Handicapped Sacrifice”. Love and break ups and how its impact can damage lives, the author has well depicted in the story “The True Love”. And if struggle is your domain of experiences with life, “The Verdict” is what you require.

The content of work serves as a stellar example of how anyone can not only work through a lifetime of difficult situations. This has been done through its amazing endings. While the message is clear that we all are at a better places in our lives, a story where you can find yourself is indeed a rare piece of work.

It is our wish that this instant hit does well and impact the lives of many in a positive and inspirational way.

The Kindle Edition: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MG4C7AO
ePub(PlayStore: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=ck06BAAAQBAJ