Creating photo slideshow project & albums

When you have collected many unforgettable photos in your personal computer, you must want to save them forever and create an interesting slideshows to share with others,now you can do it easily with Photo DVD Maker.

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What is a PDM project?

When you start to make slideshows with Photo DVD Maker, you create a photo slideshow project.

The project file has a .pdm file extension. The project file does not store the photos or music used for the slideshow. The project file only store the name and location of these photos and music, what effects you applied to the slideshow, and which flash template you choose, etc.

If you do not save a copy of the flash slideshow as a project file, you will not be able to edit once you close the project.

And, if you move the photos or music after creating the slideshow project, the program will not be able to load the photos nor music again.
Can I create more than one album in one slideshow?

Yes. You can create multiple albums in one slideshow project.

On the left side of the main window, you will see the Album panel. Click the New button to add a photo album, or click the Delete button to remove a photo album.
Multi-album in photo slideshow
How to rename an album?

When you create a new album, the program will ask you to give a name to the album, or use the default name. You can double-click the album icon to rename it.
How to save and restore a Flash Slideshow project?

To save a photo slideshow project, click the menu “File> Save”. Or you can press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S to save the project.

To restore a photo slideshow project, click the menu “File > Open”. Or you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O to open a saved flash slideshow project.
How to change the cover image (thumbnail) of the album?

In the Album Photo section, right-click on the photo that you want to make it the cover image of that album, and choose “Set as Album Thumbnail” from the pop-up menu.
How to loop the slideshows?

There are 4 modes of slideshow loop:

* Back to menu
* Play next album. Back to menu after the last album
* Play next album. Back to the first album after the last album
* Play current album repeatedly

You can click the tab “Choose Menus”, click the tab “Menu Navigator”, and then choose one of the loop modes from the drop down menu.
Photo slideshow loop
Can I hide the tooltips appeared in the transition and music list?

If you know well how to add transition and music, and do not want to see the tooltips show up every time you go to this section, you can click the menu “View > Options”, click the tab “Album Default”, and de-select the “Show Tooltips in Transition & Music window”.

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