Indiana Jones would have loved this Treasure Hunting Handbook

The new eBook is about all the key topics of metal detecting:Tips, Resources, Information, Permissions & Search

Online PR News – 15-September-2014 – 14/9/2014. Stockton on Tees.United Kingdom – If you've ever wonderd how if you could ever be like Indiana Jones then read on. There is a brand new eBook that can teach you to become a serious treasure hunter.In this new eBook you'll discover secrets to enable you to find the needle in the haystack on each and every hunt.

How Would you like to find a cache of Roman coins? Or a Celtic brooch? After reading this eBook you will be the envy of all as you are finding treasure with so little effort.Yep I used to be the same and I found myself buying loads of books on different aspects of treasure hunting and spending a fortune.Well say no more. I have had enough of people selling books about 1 subject and writing only 30 pages of drivel!

INTRODUCING T.R.I.P.S. TREASURE HUNTING HANDBOOK. It covers all the key topics of metal detecting.

Tips – Precious Little Gems
loves a good tip whether it is for yourself or to make you look cool by passing it to someone else. The T.RI.P.S. Handbook contains a wealth of my invaluable tips that have been collected over many years. It is presented in a short, snappy format which will bring some ‘light bulb’ moments even to the most experienced hunters.

Resource – Search Engine Rolodex
Discover a collection of internet links relating to treasure hunter and metal detecting. Each delivered with a purpose and use explanation. In many of the sites you will find alternative or additional links to the related subjects. In fact, you’ll never be able to find time to follow all the links you find in my Search Engine Rolodex. The subjects are extremely diverse from Roman coins to excellent mapping systems to a metal detecting song to where you can watch television programmes on treasure hunting. Armchair hunting at it’s best!

Information – Golden Nuggets Section
Want to own a reference library about treasure hunting? The ‘Professor Know it All’ information section includes a list of useful contacts such organisation and associations plus websites and forums from all over the world. Impress your mates by knowing the metal detecting law in New Zealand, or Italy or Holland.
And that’s not all. Never struggle with metal detecting terminology again. Also includes special archaeological regulations from around the word and much more.

Permission - Drop dead easy Permissions
Most good treasure is found on private land. Ever found an ideal piece of land you’d love to hunt but you can’t get permission. It is one of the most frustrating dilemmas for treasure hunters.
The eBook will teach you ideas ways and to increase your confidence every time you knock on a farmer’s door. It also covers telephone and writing techniques. You’ll be able to turn sites you dream about into reality with this information. Also includes example search agreements recommended by the governing bodies and by me as a lawyer.

Search – Indiana Jones Section
Whilst interviewing the famous treasure hunter and author David Villanueva, he told me research was a major factor to being a good hunter. Searching or researching for profitable sites makes or breaks you. I’ll teach you how to search in the right places, waste less time and increase finds of treasure.
In this section you’ll learn not only what to look for but where to look. You may well become like the intrepid treasure hunter Indiana Jones! Ok, maybe not, but you will develop over time, and with practise, the ability to increase precious and valuable finds.

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