South Korean Star Yohan Lee Shines Bright in Hollywood

South Korean actor Yohan Lee proves his rightful place in Hollywood with two upcoming films "Ninja Runner" and "Middle Ground."

Online PR News – 14-September-2014 – Los Angeles, California – A master of the craft, actor Yohan Lee proves his diverse look and wide range of talent are just what Hollywood is looking for after landing two new starring roles in the upcoming films “Ninja Runner” and “Middle Ground.”

In “Ninja Runner”, which is scheduled to begin production next year, Yohan Lee plays the exciting role of Yusuke, leader of the ninjas. The action packed film, which is being directed by Vivian Ahn and produced by Aviv Studios, follows Yusuke, played by Lee, and his team of ninjas as they take the crime world by storm. Following the infamous band of sly thieves who are contracted to use their mystifying espionage techniques to steal the world’s most valuable paintings and rare jewels, “Ninja Runner” begs the question of, how much is too much?

Middle Ground.

Audiences will see a completely different side of Lee in the film “Middle Ground”, which will be produced by Qaption and directed by Tiffany Chai, who is known for the films “The Present”, “Float” and “From a Distance.”

In a vivid display of cross-cultural backlash, “Middle Ground” follows Lee in the role of Jayson, a Chinese teenager who immigrated to the United States with his family at the age of 13. Suffering from a lack of identity, Lee’s character, who is conflicted by his Chinese roots and his new life in the US, decides to take a trip after graduating college in hopes of finding himself and his place in the world. A beautiful story about the challenges that arise when one transitions into a new cultural and loses sight of who they believed they once were, “Middle Ground” is sure to uplift audiences around the world.

"Just talking to Yohan before his audition made me feel right about casting him for the role. The way he handled himself, the confidence he exuded, and the depth in which he connected with the role only confirmed his great acting and understanding of the character,” said director Tiffany Chai.

Much like the story of his character in “Middle Ground”, Yohan Lee moved to the U.S. several years ago, however this young talent doesn’t have any doubts about his true identity or place in the world. Since childhood Lee knew he was destined to be an actor and, after finding success in Seoul, South Korea, he consciously chose to put his outstanding skills to the test in the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood.

“I love both cultures and it is important for me to be able to participate in roles and projects that come from both the East and the West,” explained Lee.

Since moving to Hollywood, Lee has starred in several acclaimed productions including the films “Comfort Girls”, “A Phone Call”, “Clippings”, “Road to Utah”, “Runaway Dream” and more. He also starred in the theater production of “Been So Long” directed by Oscar winner Milton Justice, as well as “Wild Honey”, and “The Marriage of Bette and Boo.”