Blinds in Style introduces a new range of blinds, awnings, shutters

Blinds in Style - Blinds, Awnings, Shutters, Curtains in Sydney introduce new range of blinds, awnings, shutters and curtains for its Sydney customers.

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Blinds in Style introduces a new range of blinds, awnings, shutters and curtains for its Sydney customers.

Sydney, Australia (10 September, 2014) - Window treatments or coverings are not just for decoration anymore. Studies have shown that adding certain window treatments throughout the interior and exterior aspects of your home will not only add curb appeal, but can lower your monthly utility bill as well.


Awnings have a significant impact on the energy transfer between your home and the great outdoors. When installed properly, awnings have the ability to reduce the solar heat gain you experience on a hot summer day by up to 65% for southern facing windows and up to 77% on western facing windows. What does this mean for you? It means that your air conditioning unit won't have to work near as hard to keep your home cool and comfortable during the long, hot summer months when you install awnings along your home's exterior.


Window blinds, regardless of the style you choose, are highly effective in blocking summer heat gain. What's even better is that there are a number of different styles and configurations, making blinds one of the most versatile window treatment options on the market today.

Regardless of whether you choose interior or exterior blinds, keeping the closed and/or lowered on windows experiencing direct sunlight can reduce your summer heat gain by up to 45%. They are not, however, as effective against heat loss during the winter months when used alone.


Curtains Sydney, especially when combined with blinds, have the ability to reduce summer heat gain as well as insulate against heat loss in the summer. Draperies are designed to provide an additional layer of insulation against energy transfer.


When properly installed, window shades, like blinds, are a cost effective and easy way to save on energy costs. Shades are designed to be as flexible as blinds, but to provide more insulation like draperies. The idea is to install them as close to the glass as possible while ensuring a tight fit at the wall as possible in order to create an insulating air space that is sealed. In addition, raising and lowering shades to take advantage of the radiant heat properties of the sun will help. Quilted roller shades provide the greatest levels of insulation.

And this is just the beginning. Shutters Sydney and other solutions also have energy saving benefits.

Regardless of the window treatment solution you choose, shop Blinds in Style for the best prices and the largest inventory of window treatment options anywhere. Blinds in Style is currently introducing its newest line of blinds, awnings, shutters and curtains for its Sydney customers. "We are proud to be able to offer such a large variety of quality window coverings to our customers. They know that if there is a window treatment they need, they can find it here."

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