LYDIA HARRIS Co-founder of Death Row Records." - The New Boss Of Bosses..

LYDIA HARRIS Co-founder of Death Row Records." - The New Boss Of Bosses, she will brand or impact any artist career.

Online PR News – 05-August-2010 – – Just the mention of the name, Lydia Harris, causes all sorts of intriguing myths and legends swirl around. Harris, whose steely focus on her career has given rise to many rumors; and whose CIA-like secrecy about her past, has led to speculation about her future. The Aretha Franklin (since you put influenced, I didn’t know who to put)influenced R&B singer/songwriter, who grew up in Houston, Texas is such a hit-making phenomenon that she has sold over 105 million records. In addition, she has molded the careers of a virtual who’s who of hip hop to the tune of 12 Grammy Awards since her ?1999-2000? debut as co-founder and CEO of Death Row Records.

Lydia Harris launched Lady Boss Entertainment (LBE), an independent record label and multimedia distributor in 2000. Harris is credited with discovering the talents of major hip-hop icons, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and the late Tupac Shakur. LBE is headquartered in Los Angeles, with remote offices in Houston, Hotlanta, Milwaukee and New Jersey. Focusing on artists, record labels and film companies seeking high volume national and international distribution, LBE strives to be one of the largest multimedia distribution companies in the United States.

Recently, Lady Boss as she’s also known, launched Platinum Boss Entertainment (PBE), which provides distribution, radio promotion, branding, graphic design, consultation and creative solutions for indie artists and labels. PBE’s mission is the message Lydia delivers in her new book, Married to the Game. “The music industry is very demanding, and there are more rules for the women artists, such as an emphasis on being educated and appearance,” says Harris. “Looking back over the years, in retrospect, it’s easy to see how the pressures piled up on me,” she continues.

In 2003, Lydia Harris nearly had a nervous breakdown because of the insane workload that coincided with the case against Death Row Records, the company she helped bring into fruition. Harris, referred back to that time by reportedly describing herself as, “such a workaholic, that I was losing my mind.” She goes on to say, “I found myself going down this spiraling staircase to HELL.”

With a little friend, therapy, and a restorative trip back to reality, Lydia got back on track. An acclaimed industry veteran, she was aware of needing to find a better balance in her life. She now says, “I’m more comfortable in my own person—comfortable enough to know when something is right for me and when things need to change. All of that came in time, because when I first started out, I hadn’t a clue. “ Thanks to professional influences, Lydia has avoided all the hazards of a drug fueled business and her secret, she says, “Is learning hard lessons in life very early.

I always make sure I stay connected to the real world and ready to impact the new world in an explosive way.” There’s a simple wisdom at work in an adroit way. Lydia has learned to approach her celebrity by keeping herself in touch with, and connecting with her new audience.

The very entrepreneurial Lydia Harris has launched the Lady Boss Apparel and Lady Pro Boss, for the sporty girls, with Designer J. Gee. Lydia insists that she has no plans to retire from signing artists, label management, being CEO, or singing just yet. According to Lydia, she always wanted to perform. “I didn’t want that to be the only thing I did,” says the multi-tasker. “After all, learning is a way to keep your life full,” she states in a soft, melodic voice. Lady Boss is currently traveling around the world promoting her new book, Married to the Game, along with her Talent Search Show, as well as her Lady Boss and Her Made Men, tour package.