Trendy High End Eco Friendly Blueberry Makeup Brush Set Just Released August 2014

Mellowleaf Beauty a compant of premium beauty products has rolled out a cosmetic that is environmental-animal friendly that does not sacrifice quality or style.

Online PR News – 13-September-2014 – Oklahoma City, OK – Mellowleaf Beauty, a North American manufacturer of exquisite high quality beauty products, has introduced a new eco-friendly and cruelty-free line within the beauty industry. This new eco-friendly product, Blueberry Makeup Brush Set, is the start of Mellowleaf Beauty’s foray into the North American makeup industry.

Created through the company’s support for the environment and being cruelty-free, this high-end, professional grade line includes 10 brushes which include a proprietary blend of due fiber synthetic hairs, complimented with eco-friendly paint on the handles, and durable silver aluminum ferrules.

Included with the 10 makeup brushes is a luxurious feeling travel case that is small enough to fit in a purse for easy access. Combined with simple brush techniques the Blueberry makeup brush set is made to deliver the feel and precise application of makeup to accentuate facial contours. A makeup brush set that caters to environmentally conscience and cruelty-free makeup artists, whether a professional or an enthusiast.

Danny Amonsin, President at Mellowleaf Beauty said “this new exciting product offering is the start of a new adventure toward incorporating more environmentally friendly products. With our goal to provide great products that really deliver results, the Blueberry Makeup Brush Set is a fine addition to our line of products. Because this product is very stylish, we expect it to be very popular among all ages. We’re excited to see where this product takes us in the next coming months.”

Considering Mellowleaf Beauty’s current line of beauty products are known for superior quality, it will be an interesting story to see how their venture into the makeup industry fares. Based on Danny Amonsin’s comment, Mellowleaf Beauty is ready to make some waves in the next coming months. From the very beginning, Mellowleaf Beauty has been a manufacturer of premium high end products in the skincare market. Today, Mellowleaf Beauty carries a line of high grade pure essential oils to meet the needs of its diverse American customer base.

The 10-piece Mellowleaf Beauty Blueberry Brush Set set is available now at and retails for $119.99. Mellowleaf Beauty has announced an upcoming sale for this new release that could be as high as 75% for this makeup brush set which starts on August 4. Blueberry makeup set is made to be very durable, long lasting, and easy to clean without the loss of brush hairs.