LYDIA HARRIS C0-founder of Death Row Records Brands A New Hit Rock Sensation: JOSH & JB BAND

C0-founder of Death Row Records
Brands A New Hit Rock Sensation:
JOSH & JB BAND “In the Industry.”
By J. Gee -The MTS

Online PR News – 05-August-2010 – – By J. Gee -The MTS Magazine August 4, 2010

BEVERLY HILLS — The new West Coast hit rock sensation Josh & JB has caught America by surprise, by teaming up with the music industry’s record breaker, co-founder of “Death Row Records” Lydia Harris.

Lydia Harris says’ “These kids are the sound of the new generation” and I intend to make sure they have the exclusive exposure they need in the mainstream.

As a seasoned businesswoman, but more notably the "Lady Boss" of the hip hop industry,

Lydia Harris is speaking out on her new found talent, derived from her national “Talent Search” event she put on around the country this past summer. In establishing her poignant career as a record label CEO several years ago, the Houston,Texas native went on to achieve notable success as the co-owner of Death Row Records. Lydia Harris is responsible for nurturing the careers of artists such as Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Battlecat, Dana Dane and a host of other artists.

Why did Lydia choose JOSH & JB? Harris says, “These kids are the sound of the new generation and I intend to make sure they have the exposure they need in the music mainstream." Both Josh & JB write their own music and sing in the group, which makes them a force to be reckoned with. Josh takes on the Bass guitar and JB plays lead guitar. Their music has a unique sound with a mixture of pop and rock. They've also incorporated a bit of their multi-ethnic culture into certain songs on their upcoming album. Their show? That’s another story within itself, The Industry TV Show is currently airing in the Caribbean on Caribvison television and their new show “Josh & JB in the Industry” aired on television in the United States on The CBS network back in July 2009 and in over 53 countries in Europe and the Caribbean, reaching over 400 million households worldwide. Lydia Harris has discovered other new talent like; “Jobear,” a southern R&B singer, Celesta Williams, and a host of new artists with products set to be released in the fall of 2010.

With the creative branding and marketing team developed by Lydia Harris, the music industry will once again hear from the CEO that sold millions of records over the last decade. Lady Boss, CEO Lydia Harris, has been staging the success of two phenomenal companies, Platinum Boss and Lady Boss Entertainment, both companies have great advantage over their competitors – brand, originality, style and the competitive edge. In a extremely thick market of, everybody wants to be a star, Lydia Harris artists need not look to the left or to the right, as they will blast track after track with a brand new sound that will engage their listeners to demand more of where that came from. Harris knew exactly what direction she wanted to take Josh & JB and did not yield at investing time aggressively and wisely towards their upcoming new releases, Gravity, and Dance Floor. These are just a couple of the new titles set to be released on their upcoming CD. Harris has put together a production team of vocal mentors, expert choreographers, image and public relations consultants; finely packaging one impressive group and exuding their fresh emerging music.

"The ingredients are there," says Lydia. "My artists are fine tuned, totally packaged and ready to reveal their brands and visual presence to the masses. It's all about timing and staging; Dance Floor by Josh & JB and positioning the introduction of my new group who will debut their single release this fall." Find out more about what’s going on at Lady Boss and Platinum Boss Entertainment, by visiting their homepage at: and