Tennessee Based Cosmetic Surgery Center Launches Customized Breast Augmentation Solution

Women can get the cup size they've dreamed of without the risks of local anesthesia

Online PR News – 13-September-2014 – Brentwood Tennessee – NuBody Concepts of Brentwood and Memphis TN now offer a new breast augmentation procedure without the risks of local anesthesia. “Women can get the cup size they’ve always dreamed of and be back to work in no time thanks to our revolutionary approach to breast augmentation. Our patients are awake through the entire breast augmentation procedure. They can tell our cosmetic surgeons to go larger or smaller real-time during the procedure. Our patients can see exactly how their breasts will appear before completion of the procedure. If they feel they desire a more augmented look they can tell our cosmetic surgeons to go larger. In the case that a patient wants less they can tell our doctor to decrease the size. In years past patients would have to fully recover to see the true size of their breast augmentation. We do not use local anesthesia with our new breast augmentation approach therefore eliminating the risks and side effects patients typically can experience” explains Shauli Greenspan, Vice President of NuBody Concepts.

NuBody Concepts offers a free, no obligation consultation for women to meet with their breast augmentation experts in Memphis and Brentwood, TN. During this consultation the NuBody Concepts cosmetic staff will learn more about the desired look the patient wants to achieve, discuss options for saline or silicone breast implants and discuss the Awake breast procedure. In this consultation patients will also be educated on how they will be able to talk “real-time” with their breast augmentation doctor during the procedure to give live feedback on how their breast size will look before the procedure is completed.

This “real-time” breast procedure does not require local anesthesia, therefore patients will not experience the typical side effects associated with it. Women will be back to work in no time and walk out of the procedure with the cup size they have always desired.

NuBody Concepts offers two state of the art cosmetic surgery centers in Tennessee. Patients can book their breast augmentation at either the Memphis or Brentwood location. This new Awake Breast Augmentation has been widely popular for women who want to communicate with their doctor during their entire procedure to ensure they achieve the breast size they desire. In the event a patient wants a larger breast, more so then initially discussed, the cosmetic doctor can enhance the breasts immediately thanks to the ability for the patient to talk directly with the breast surgeon during the procedure.

NuBody Concepts is the leader in offering revolutionary body enhancing procedures in the Tennessee market. Men and women can improve their self esteem and appearance thanks to NuBody Concepts’ full menu of options including AquaLipo Liposuction, NaturalFill for the buttocks, hands and neck, WaveSculpt body sculpting, laser hair removal, hormone replacement therapy, botox, DOT Therapy and Tummy Tucks.

Patients can find several written and video testimonials on the NuBody Concepts website. “We have changed the lives for many of our patients. Women who have had children and want to get their body back have been very satisfied with our AquaLipo Liposuction, tummy tuck and WaveSculpt procedures. Our hormone replacement therapy has helped both men and women get back on track. We strongly encourage men and women to schedule a free consultation because often times patients think they know what they need to improve however once they meet with us they discover there may be some better options to achieve multiple personal wellness goals. Our consultation rooms are spacious so patients can bring a spouse or significant other to their appointment. We welcome couples” states Greenspan.

For more information on NuBody Concepts Awake Breast Augmentation procedure or to learn more about their additional procedures men and women are encouraged to visit online at: http://www.nubodyconcepts.com or to call NuBody Concepts in Memphis at 901-235-5753 or NuBody Concepts in Brentwood at 615-229-5975.