Innovative Educational App Seeks to Teach Kids About the Solar System

Hue Digital has released a new learning app that uses beautiful illustrations and relatable characters to engage children in learning about the planets.

Online PR News – 12-September-2014 – Cheyenne, Wyoming – Simultaneously realizing the immense potential of educational apps for mobile devices while being unimpressed with the current slate of offerings in this regard, Hue Digital looked to create a new type of educational app that would engage and inspire children in addition to teaching them. Inspired by his 7-year old son, Himanshu Bhatia – the app’s creator – sought to harness children’s natural curiosity and taste for mischief and adventure with an educational story presented through relatable characters.

“We were always looking for something that would not only be engaging and interesting to read but also stimulate him to think beyond the text and learn in a fun way. Sadly we did not find much that met all these” Mr. Bhatia said.

The result is Mr. Eus - Story of the Future, ( ) the first in a planned series of digital comics following the mischievous duo Mr. Eus (pronounced EE-us) and Ms. Teek as they venture through beautifully illustrated, interactive Outer Space scenes. Mr. Eus and Ms. Teek, fourth-graders living in the year 2111, have Guide and Information Glass (GIGs) that provide facts and information about the solar system as they travel around the planets. Additional information about each planet accompanies the story.

Mr. Eus - Story of the Future was created by a team of expert artists, designers, and programmers with the help of Sharon Syracuse, an acclaimed educator with over 40-years of experience in the classroom. Mrs. Syracuse was awarded the Western Region PTA’s Educator of the Year award in 2013. The app, compatible with both phone and tablet, is currently available on the iTunes store for $0.99 ( ) – with discounts for educational stores – and will be released on Google Play and Amazon in the near future. Additional information, updates, and resources for parents and educators can be found at