Natural News Reveals the Presence of Heavy Metals in Pet Foods

Mike Adams, the health ranger reveals through Natural News the presence of heavy metals in USDA certified pet food.

Online PR News – 12-September-2014 – Tucson, AZ – Natural News ( which has always been the perfect platform to highlight the truth behind events occurring all over the world, brings to the consumers yet shocking news. A recent report throws sufficient light on the presence of heavy metals in pet food.

Mike Adams, the health ranger has always believed in getting the truth out and putting it as it is in front of the readers. The Chief Editor of Natural News has the opinion that consumers need to know what they are buying and using. He has always advocated going the natural way and after revealing the real picture behind Wheaties Cereal, Mike has now gone on to bring to the surface what lies behind the composition of pet food.

As per the findings, heavy metals are now being found in USDA certified organic foods, super foods, vitamins, herbs and dietary supplements at alarming levels. Mike Adams also goes on to reveal that neither the FDA nor the USDA has set any limits on the use of heavy metals in foods which has given the companies a free hand to use as much as heavy metals in the food. The result is disastrous as products now tend to contain extremely toxic levels of mercury, lead, cadmium, copper and even tungsten in certain cases. The most shocking factor remains to be the fact that they are being sold legally across the USA.

The evidence has been hand gathered by Mike Adams, heading The Natural News Forensic Food Lab. He has tested nearly 1000 products using ICP-MS atomic spectroscopy instrumentation. 'The result is alarming for the common people. The tests show how much we stay in the unknown and that we are not aware of what we are feeding to our precious pets. This is because of lack of awareness on the part of the pet owners. Natural News is there to provide the actual information needed,' comments Mike.

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