Hathaway Financial announces Janice Pun will be promoted to Chief China Strategist

Hathaway Financial has announced that Ms. Janice Pun will be promoted to the position of Chief China Strategist at Hathaway Financial.

Online PR News – 12-September-2014 – Hong Kong – Janice Pun will commence working in her senior capacity following the retirement of Mr. Robert Choong effective from October 31, 2014.

Hathaway Financial’s current Chief China Strategist Mr. Robert Choong is retiring at the age of 65 at the end of October 2014, after 13 years in the role. Ms. Pun has worked under the supervision of Mr. Choong during the last 7 years, which provides for a seamless transition of Hathaway Financial’s strategy for China.

Hathaway Financial’s Mr. Robert Choong commented “Having worked with Janice for the past 7 years, I am pleased that she will be replacing me when I retire. I have developed a close working relationship with Janice, and she shares many of the same strategies in relation to the China markets. I believe that Janice will continue with our current strategy direction and I know she is extremely capable of dealing with the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead. This will ensure the continued success of our China strategy for clients of Hathaway Financial.”

Hathaway Financial’s new Chief China Strategist Ms. Janice Pun was born in Shanghai, China and graduated from Shanghai University in Statistics in 1997. During the previous 10 years to joining Hathaway Financial, Ms. Pun has studied for numerous professional qualifications whilst employed by ICBC before relocating to Hong Kong in 2007 to start working with Hathaway Financial.

Hathaway Financial’s new Chief China Strategist Ms. Janice Pun will be promoted to the position vacated by Mr. Robert Choong. Hathaway Financial’s Co-Founder, Chairman and Head of the Investment Committee, Mr. Andrew Hathaway said “Janice is a highly valued member of our team, having been mentored in the Hathaway Financial way of investing by her predecessor Mr. Robert Choong. My fellow directors and I have the highest confidence that Janice will not only continue with the exceptional work started by Robert, but she will significant add value to our China strategy in the years to come.”

Hathaway Financial’s Chief China Strategist designate Ms. Pun said “Having worked for Hathaway Financial since 2007, I have always looked up to Mr. Choong. It is an honour to have worked with a true professional like Robert. Mr. Choong has been a great inspiration and source of knowledge, which has enabled me to expand my knowledge of Asian markets, especially China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. I am confident that I can continue his good work when I undertake his position in at the end of next month. I expect to continue with Mr. Choong’s strategy for China, although I have new ideas which I believe will add value to our successful existing strategy for China.”

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