Internet Income Jamaica Partners with Science and Technology Ministry

Internet Income Jamaica (IIJ) recently partnered with Minister Julian Robinson to introduce a group of persons to the idea of making money online.

Online PR News – 11-September-2014 – Kingston, Jamaica – Unemployment in Jamaica has soared in recent years, amplifying many of the hardships being faced by the Jamaican people. In light of this, the idea of making money online through entrepreneurial ventures is being explored by many.

Internet Income Jamaica (IIJ), an internet marketing company in the heart of Kingston, is among the companies at the forefront of this movement. To that end, they recently partnered with Minister Julian Robinson to introduce a group of persons to the idea of making money online. Mr. Robinson, who is the Minister of State in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining invited the IIJ team to a community centre located at 3 Deanery Road in Kingston, to provide a group of about twenty participants with training similar to what is taught at boot camps put on by IIJ.

The training session, which was free of cost to the participants, consisted of a target group of individuals from the nearby inner city communities who were more or less unemployed. Headed by Alicia Lyttle, Andrew Reid and a team of trainers from IIJ, the participants were introduced to the basics of how to uncover their skills and talents and how to communicate them to clients on a trusted freelancing site where they can market those skills and talents. In placing his stamp of approval on the knowledge being imparted, Minister Robinson himself took part in the training and actually created an online profile as well.

The pilot project was hailed as a resounding success at the end of the day by all parties involved and the minister charged the participants with putting what they had learnt to good use, so that they could help others who were in similar situations living in other areas of the country.

Internet Income Jamaica, run by Alicia and Lorette Lyttle along with musician Andrew Reid, has been training many Jamaicans in their regular boot camps held at their office located in the Lee Gore Business Centre at 31 Upper Waterloo Road. The company teaches persons from all walks of life how to use their skills and talents to make a living from their laptops and other mobile devices. So far, they have trained hundreds of persons across the island on how to set up their own online businesses and many have been reportedly earning globally and spending locally from what they were taught.

The training being offered by Internet Income Jamaica is becoming recognized as a solution to the high rate of unemployment being experienced in Jamaica. So far, their push to train Jamaicans about making money online has been highlighted by interviews with popular local television stations TVJ and CVM and radio stations such as RJR and Nationwide with Cliff Hughes. They have also been featured in top newspapers and received support from the Innovators entrepreneurship programme headed by Yaneek Page and Gary Matalon.

Internet Income Jamaica can be contacted through their website at:, e-mailing them at or by calling their office at: (876)374-7044, (876)364-6969.