Program Trading: Launch of NetTradeX Advisors

Financial company IFC Markets, in cooperation with NetTradeX, is proud to announce the design of a new trading terminal

Online PR News – 11-September-2014 – London – Automated trading has become a fast developing and very promising technology in recent years. The idea of transferring manual account management to a programmed one has been welcomed by thousands of traders since it eliminates many negative psychological factors. In addition, traders do not have to sit in front of their PCs during active trading any longer, since every operation is performed automatically.

IFC Markets, an advocate and active representative of financial innovations, has recently launched a new terminal with a built in language NTL+, making it possible to write its own programs that automate trading management. NTL+ is a C-like language, which is one of the fastest and functionally valuable languages in the world, and supports standard structures of C language. Trading terminal makes automation of trading and analytical processes possible with the help of program experts (advisors and trading robots), which are generated by the traders through NetTradeX Language (NTL+).
Three types of scripts may be created in the NetTradeX Advisors terminal: Expert Advisors, Custom Indicators and Utilities. Eventually, each of the scripts is designed for a specific trading or analytical issue:
• Expert Advisors - trading robots for automated trading; the parameters of Expert Advisors may be changed during their execution.
• Custom Indicators - own indicators, based on both built in and completely unique indicators.
• Utilities - script for executing trading or doing other activities. The script differs from the advisors by the mere fact that they are run only once.
NetTradeX Advisors has a capacity of being used in the News Feed, as well as supports trading composite portfolios. The user can perform trading and analytical operations not only through scripts, but also in "manual" mode, for example, open and close positions, set up orders, use standard charts, add chart indicators and objects for the analysis of trends in the market. The tester of strategies, operating on historical data, has been implemented on the terminal in order to debug the scripts and check the trading strategies.

The design of the terminal has an aim to solve the main problem that traders face during trading: emotions. Generally, traders exit early because of fear to have high losses and/or stay too long in the market because of greed. Automated trading solves both problems in terms of automatic execution of all trades. High performance and extended functionality of NTL+ can perfectly suit for implementing one’s own trading strategies.

About IFC Markets:
IFC Markets is a financial company providing Forex (Foreign Exchange) and CFD (contracts for difference) trading and associated services for both individual and corporate clients.