New features of the Dating Pro script on a new platform

PG Dating Pro team is happy to announce the updated release of Dating Pro Dolce – the latest edition of the popular online dating script.

Online PR News – 11-September-2014 – Yoshkar-Ola, Russia – PilotGroup team is pleased to announce the updated release of the popular dating script PG Dating Pro, Dolce edition.

Dating Pro Dolce introduces new features that will help site members connect better and stay informed of all the important site updates.

This is the list of the feature highlights of the PG Dating Pro Dolce version (2014.4):

Winks module lets site members attract attention to their profiles. It works almost the same as in Facebook only one can be sure that none of the winks are sent until the person actually clicks the 'send a wink' button.

Yet another colour scheme 'Autumn walk' expands the list of pre-designed themes letting the site administrator easily switch the mood and appearance of the dating website.

Improved users management tools make it possible for the site administrator to decide which parts of the user content to delete, be it only photos or only user's comments and so on, in case any of a site member's actions have caused some kind of offence and requires to be removed from the site.

Two blocks of photos on the homepage show recently uploaded photos and profile pictures of active users. Both can be refreshed adding to the interactivity of the Dating Pro powered website.

Site members have quick access to replenishing account, information on the active and purchased services, information about new visitors to their profiles, winks and friendship requests, as well as new messages – directly on top of the user pages.

Dating Pro site software offers multiple tools to display and edit site content including articles (information pages), site news, special promo content on the landing page, and so on.

Banners module and paid services such as access to communication tools make it possible to earn money from the site.

About PG Dating Pro:
PG Dating Pro software is delivered out of the box and can be tailored to meet specific requirements. The module structure makes for flexible setup and modifications. Access to source code, free installation, free design themes and support, SEO services are available.

Mobile version of the site comes with the package. Its functionality includes the most important features of a dating script, namely messages, searches, profile and account settings, and site services. Mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms are available extra.

Pay once and you will own the site files and the database of members. Starting your own dating community online is easy with Dating Pro software.
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