CampusforkCom Starting A Startup With Small Budget And No Tech Experience

Restaurateurs and diners come together via sensual, quality restaurant food pictures posted.

Online PR News – 05-August-2010 – – was designed, according to its founder Rayfil Wong, to fulfill the needs of diners, as well as to help ensure that restaurateurs are able to enhance their branding and marketing efforts. To do this, Wong created a unique Web site that fuses elements of with, allowing users (and restaurant owners) to upload provocative, high quality food images. These food pictures can be shared, rated, and commented on by users. Moreover, a useful “plan a date” feature is implemented. A San Francisco native, Wong started in his bedroom with only $6,000 in savings. Today, he remains the sole employee of this restaurant food pictures company, outsourcing all of his Web development needs to a virtual team of five in Romania, whom he has never met in person.

Wong also discovered love through his unique food porn concept. “I found that a great way to ask a girl out on a date was to entice her with food,” he says. How? He sent food photos of sushi and a message: “Let’s grab Sushi this Friday.”

Campusfork eliminates this, giving restaurants the tools to attain success. Simply by uploading attractive restaurant food pictures of the food they offer, restaurant owners can ramp up their marketing success significantly. This is a simple, effective and powerful solution to entrepreneurs’ marketing needs. “Having a photo of an item before I order it is such a neat thing. I don’t have to guess what my food is going to look like,” says Ike Shehada, owner of the San Francisco sandwich shop, Ike’s Place.

“Photos speak a thousand words and can sometimes land you more than just a good meal idea,” Wong said, thus showing us that is not just a great marketing tool, but a great social tool as well.

Find out more about how can help promote your restaurant by displaying your restaurant food pictures on the site. To start sharing your food photo gallery and rating food photos, visit the Web site at

About Campusfork.Com: is a food photo search engine, founded by Rayfil Wong, a San Francisco native. Campusfork currently is covering over 60 cities mainly San Francisco, New York, and Hong Kong.

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