New Book Offers Harassed Parents a Parenting Solution that Works

The Child is Father of the Man - Tips and Techniques for wise parenting, on virtue and value-based parenting offers parents a parenting solution that works.

Online PR News – 10-September-2014 – Hyderabad, India – Most parents are under pressure – from peers, schools, the family and their own expectations. They try hard but do not succeed in raising their children to match their unspoken hopes.

Why? Because they do not give the right emphasis to virtues and values that will shape their wards into children of quality. In Example, they are wanting; in Advice they are not consistent; in Disciplining they work in fits and starts; and they do not demonstrate Love in as many ways as they can. Children need love demonstrated.

Parents need a step-by-step guide to bring about change. Help comes in the form of an easy-to-read, well-documented book that is packed with tips and techniques, and examples drawn from around the world: The Child Is Father Of The Man – Tips And Techniques For Wise Parenting, by Ignatius Fernandez, published by Wolf Creek Press, Oregon.

The prescription that the author offers parents, is simple and all embracing: LEAD Parenting, where L is for Love, E for Example, A for Advice, and D for Discipline. The formula has been tried and tested. As a parent for 44 years, of four grown sons, a counselor for families, a speaker at Parent-Forums and one to whom parenting is more than a vocation, the author offers a solution that will bring peace to stressed parents, success to those challenged by the enormity of the task and much-needed healing – while trusting in God. He lays much importance on the relationship between spouses who can jointly make parenting work effectively.

Summing up the book, Stephanie Rollins writes: "This is a book to keep and refer back to throughout your child’s life."

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