Genesis Chiropractic Software Introduces Unique Chiropractic Billing Software

Genesis chiropractic software provides customer-care oriented, full-service billing and cash flow predictability services to healthcare practices nationwide.

Online PR News – 11-September-2014 – Dumont, NJ – Genesis chiropractic software utilizes remote access methods to keep receivables present in the practice and are fully submitted, collected, and reported directly from the chiropractic billing software. The service offers chiropractors with real-time, up-to-the-minute analysis and status of receivables and collections.
Dr. Brian Capra, the founder of Genesis chiropractic software set out to provide chiropractors with practical billing and business solutions that they could use to integrate their business and create more profit. The chiropractic billing software, which is a web-based software program that practitioners can utilize to ensure greater productivity.
Brian Capra, who is a practicing chiropractor, states, “There are a few basic specialties where chiropractors tend to lose money. One main problem for most practices has to do with patients missing appointments. When this happens both time and money are lost forever. Another area about most chiropractors has to do is with insurance company audits.”He adds, “If an insurance company believes they can disallow claims they will try to do so. That means that the doctor must possess an accurate record of the patient’s visit and their prognosis.”
The issues associated with missed appointments and insurance audits have both been resolved by Capra’s software, which includes an option whereby patients receive an automated call reminding them of their upcoming visit. As far as audits are concerned, Genesis offers software-based SOAP notes that can be taken in 15 seconds. These notes primarily focus on four areas-Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan. These notes help doctors to detail a patient’s condition, the doctor’s prognosis and proposed treatment. They are vital evidence when a claim is audited. Genesis SOAP notes are entirely integrated with the rest of the system.
“The absolute goal of the Genesis chiropractic software is to free up the doctor and the in-house staff to focus more of their time and energy on patient care and ways to grow the practice,” explains Capra.
Billing and collection activities tend to be the most stressful piece of any office and Genesis has experienced staff and proven track record to handle this part of the business on your behalf and improve the overall profitability of the whole practice.