New Book Helps Visual Artists Learn the Ins and Outs of Marketing to Interior Designers

Visual artists who learn how to sell art to interior designers and corporate art consultants give themselves multiple ways to diversify and make more money.

Online PR News – 09-September-2014 – Scottsdale, AZ – Due its size, the interior design market provides huge opportunities for visual artists to sell more of their art. Until now, artists have not had a source of information to help them find interior design professionals and learn how to sell their work to them. How to Sell Art to Interior Designers is a new book that offers practical advice and insider details on how to get artwork sold to interior designers, corporate art consultants and represented in interior design centers.

For years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed there are nearly ten times more interior designers and decorators purchasing artwork than there are art galleries in the US. Such lopsided stats should make marketing to interior designers an attractive market for visual artists. Unfortunately, most artists lack awareness of the opportunity and the specifics on how to tap into the market. How to Sell Art to Interior Designers solves the problem by offering useful information, plus practical tips and techniques not available anywhere else.

Two longtime friends and art-marketing professionals have pooled their art marketing expertise and experience to write How to Sell Art to Interior Designers. They aim to help visual artists and artisans learn effective, profitable ways how to sell to interior designers. The book is available on in both print and Kindle editions.

Dick Harrison enjoyed a well-paid career as both an artist and an independent representative for other artists and publishers of fine art. For more than 20 years, he traveled extensively throughout his territory making in-person calls on interior designers. In addition to How to Sell Art to Interior Designers, he has two books listed on He is at work on three more titles, including Sales Tips for Artists, which will include material listened to by artists in 60 countries and hundreds of cities worldwide on his podcasts.

Barney Davey worked nearly 20 years advising top selling self-representing artists and art print publishers on marketing and advertising strategies. He also worked in art galleries and sold advertising to showroom exhibitors in design centers. He has published more than 500 art marketing art-marketing posts on his blog. It is number one on the list of Top Ten Art Bloggers published by Art Business News magazine. He is the author of four other books on art marketing, which are all available on and Kindle.

Harrison is a resident of Venice, Florida and Davey resides in Phoenix, Arizona, where they each pursue writing and advising visual artists on business and marketing based on their professional experiences. The book is published by Bold Star Communications, Scottsdale, AZ.

Bold Star Communications is a publishing and marketing company. It provides artists, and solo entrepreneurs with practical career guidance, unique sales and marketing services, and easy-to-implement resourceful methods to gain improved results and operate more efficiently. Users of Bold Star Communications' tools and information learn new ways on how to sell products and services using traditional, and alternative marketing along with social media tools.

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