Trinity Christian Academy Proposes Full Day Kindergartens For Young Kids

Trinity Christian Academy is offering full-day kindergarten to the children 5+ years old.

Online PR News – 09-September-2014 – Lexington, KY – Trinity Christian Academy is offering full-day kindergarten to the children 5+ years old. Headmaster David S. Kirkendall and Trinity have increased access to full-day kindergarten and are ensuring that all incoming students have access to full-day kindergarten by making it a budget priority. This approach builds upon Headmaster David S. Kirkendall commitment to support high quality early childhood education as a vital and integral part of providing every student with the education they deserve to shine.

“Every child deserves to have a high quality education that will prepare them to thrive in life. That is not possible if they are behind their peers across the nation when they enter first grade,” said lower school Principal, Vicky White. “Guaranteeing full-day kindergarten gives every student a full education from the very start. From early learning on up through college, we are making smart, vital investments that support our students’ bright futures.”
Children who attend a quality, full-day kindergarten show notable academic advantages in later years compared to students who did not, including more independent learning, classroom involvement and productivity. Also, Trinity Christian Academy provides financial aid and incentives to the suitable families to help them in budgeting.

Over the past 25 years Trinity Christian Academy has steadily expanded access to full-day kindergarten, adding a transitional kindergarten for those children too advance for preschool, but not quite ready for kindergarten This strategic investment in the education of young children’s will not only improve their preparation for school and their life chances but will also immeasurably strengthen and enrich Lexington.

Investing in children at an early age is critical. That’s why Trinity Christian Academy made universal full-day kindergarten a priority for their school. They believe to invest their resources in smart ways that provide every student with a full education from the very first moment they walk through our doors.

Trinity mission is to ensure that every child in every neighborhood receives a quality education that allows them to succeed. So, through early learning programs they teach students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin.

This school offer kindergartens the education including, art, drama, music, storytelling, free play and painting to understand all subjects matching their interests, skills, and God-given abilities to possible majors and careers.

About Trinity Christian Academy

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