White’s Tractors Announces Free Low-Cost Tractor Solutions Consultancy

White’s Tractors, has announced a new free consultancy service for local farmers.

Online PR News – 09-September-2014 – Goulburn/NSW – Long-established and expert provider of Kubota and other specialist farming and agricultural solutions, White’s Tractors, has announced a new free consultancy service for local farmers.

This is aimed and explaining the risks, issues and dangers associated with low-cost tractors purchased on a ‘budget deal’ basis.

Andrew White, Business Owner, White’s Tractors, explained the rationale.

“Over many years, we have seen economic pressures inclining NSW’s farmers towards rock-bottom priced tractors.

While there’s nothing wrong with that in theory, in practice, many of these tractors are from virtually unknown manufacturers and are of very dubious quality.

In addition, obtaining parts and post-sales technical support can be virtually impossible in some cases – and that’s no laughing matter if your tractor has broken down.

We have seen a huge increase in our repair and ‘patch up’ business arising from mechanical and other failures in these cheap machines but we take no pleasure in that at all. It’s sometimes distressing to see how much money the farmers concerned are being forced to pay in repair bills because that’s destroying their original cost-justification for buying cheap in the first place.

We never fear price competition but we do resent what these tractors are doing to some farms and their owners.

As a result, we’re offering any interested farmer a free and entirely non-committal discussion on the subject of the pitfalls associated with buying cheap. We’ll use our own experience of ‘sorting out the mess made by others’ to prove the point. Some of our facts and figures are quite compelling and we hope they’ll open a few eyes.

Previously, we’ve also offered a free guide to this important area and that will remain available. However, I know that some people prefer to talk things through rather than just read about them, which is why we’re putting this offer in place.

Interested parties can contact us to request such a session through a link on our website.”

This offer is open to farmers or domestic users looking to understand more of the risks associated with purchasing cheap tractors and other related farming or larger domestic machinery.

About White’s Tractors

Operating in and around Goulburn NSW, White’s Tractors have been providing expert agricultural and farming equipment solutions to the local communities since 1973.

Their services include:

• The sale of tractors, mowers, hay equipment, utility vehicles and second-hand machinery
• The provision of spare parts
• Diesel pump and injector services
• Batteries
• Machine accessories.

A family firm, operating under the personal ownership of Andrew White, they specialise in working in partnership with potential customers.

Their services include the analysis of their customer’s farming machinery needs and value-add consultancy. They do not operate exclusively in order to sell specific equipment solutions.

For further information

To learn more, please contact:
White's Tractors Pty Ltd
56 Mary St
New South Wales 2580

Phone: (02) 4821 5944

Fax: (02) 48215167

Email whitesgoulburn@bigpond.com

More detailed information on White’s Tractors, their products and services plus their free guide, can be found on their website under http://www.whitestractors.com.au/