Female Hair Loss Website Launched for UK Women with Falling or Thinning Hair Problems

A Brand New Tailored and Professional Service Specifically for Female Hair Loss Treatment Has Opened Its Doors to the British Public

Online PR News – 08-September-2014 – London – The UK’s number-one in hair restoration and replacement has launched a brand new website specifically for female hair loss suffers. Advanced Hair Clinic is delighted to announce the opening of its Female Hair Loss sister site, reaching out to tens of thousands of UK women with thinning or falling hair. Women of all ages can find their confidence and their lives on the whole blighted by hair loss, though suffering in silence is no way to go.

Thanks to the effective treatments of Advanced Hair Clinic – a global leader in treatment and innovation – it’s perfectly possible to restore a youthful look and lustre to even the most extreme cases of thinning or hair loss. And with free consultation on offer to every new client, it’s never been easier to find out the options on available for restoring not only hair, but essential self-confidence.

Specialised Treatment for Women
"The general consensus is that hair loss problems affect mostly males however you may be surprised by the number of females who experience hair thinning and baldness. There are many reasons for hair loss in women including genetic, illness, hormonal imbalance or even something as simple as lifestyle. Whatever the cause, Advanced Hair Clinic offer the very best hair loss products and treatments available! We offer fantastic hair loss solutions and treatments for thinning hair and baldness as well as some amazing products for excessively damaged hair." – Femalehairloss.co.uk

While the vast majority of restorative hair products and treatment programs are aimed at men, Female Hair Loss as part of Advanced Hair Clinic understands that hair loss can be even more distressing to women of all ages. The loss of confidence brought along by falling hair is largely unparalleled and is the kind of thing no woman expects will ever happen to her.

Luckily we’re living in an age of technology and advancement where those willing to invest the necessary time, effort and dedication can provide the most effective solutions and treatment options ever. Advanced Hair Clinic offers a wide variety of cutting-edge hair restoration and replacement procedures that cannot be replicated anywhere else – all of which are gentle in nature and guaranteed to deliver a striking and long-lasting result.

An Age Old Problem, A New Answer
Advanced Hair Studio have been developing and perfecting hair replacement procedures for approximately 40 years. This research led to the development and patenting of the Strand-by-Strand® procedure that guarantees all women can have a full and totally natural head of hair again. There is no surgery involved so there is no pain and no scarring. The Strand-by Strand ® procedure also enables you to enjoy an active lifestyle, whether it be swimming, jogging or any type of sports activity, and you can do it with complete confidence.” – Femalehairloss.co.uk

The Advanced Hair Clinic approach to combatting female hair loss is not to continue utilising the same methods that have been around for decades, but to instead innovate and move forward every single day. And when you first get a look at the results, you’ll understand the difference for yourself.

About Femalehairloss.co.uk
Femalehairloss.co.uk is a sister site venture set up by the UK’s number-one in hair restoration and replacement – Advanced Hair Clinic. Having fully acknowledged the way in which female hair loss can be uniquely traumatic and distressing, the decision was made to establish a dedicated portal specifically for women facing any such problems. Advanced Hair currently operates approximately 60 treatment centres all over the world and has given advice to over half a million people. Check out the services on offer or organise a free consultation at https://www.femalehairloss.co.uk.

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