Grand Opening Coming Soon a New Weight loss Clinic in Amarillo, Texas

California medical weight management is a weight loss clinic that caters to the needs of the people who are suffering from the problems of obesity.

Online PR News – 09-September-2014 – CA, California – California Medical Weight Management, a renowned weight loss program company, recently announced the launch oftener west weight loss clinic in Amarillo, Texas. A highly effective weight loss clinic with its three-step physician supervised weight loss program provides a long-term solution to the people with obesity problems. The CMWM program provides medical assessments, FDA approved medications and properly structured dietary and exercise plans to help the patients achieve weight loss goals efficiently, safely and for the long-term. Many patients have benefited in achieving the weight loss goal on an average of 3-5 pounds per week without adverse side effects.
With the launch of a new weight loss clinic in Amarillo, Texas, many people with obesity problems will benefit from their properly structured weight loss programs quickly and effectively. In this busy schedule and hectic life, it becomes difficult to reduce to the desired weight. The various diet plans and medications that the weight loss clinic provides has helped many patients to reach the desired weight loss goal without much effort. The program ensures short-term success along with a long-term success by maintaining the newly reached weight and healthiness. California medical weight management has experienced doctors and staff who guide their patients with immense patience and educate them about the various plans.

Thousands of California medical weight management patients have achieved their healthy weight loss target with the highly effective, physician-supervised weight management system. Brenda N., a former CMWM patient shared her experience and said, ‘I went to my doctor for my annual physical and the CMWM program was being offered. I’ve been on and off of a variety of diets and plans over the years but it seemed that no matter what I did, each year, I’m up a pound or two. So, after all my questions were answered, I thought I’d give it a try. I’m glad I did. In three months I lost 5 more pounds than my goal and now I’ve kept it off for 3-months on my own. I’m feeing and looking great. Frankly, it was the easiest plan to follow. I was never hungry nor did I feel deprived. Now I have the energy and desire to use what I learned in the program to stay healthy and trim’.

California medical weight management is a weight loss clinic that caters to the needs of the people who are suffering from the problems of obesity. With their three-step, physician supervised medical weight loss program, they help in reaching the weight loss goal quickly, safely and effectively without adverse side effects. Through their efficient weight loss and diet plans, they assist in maintaining the health of the patient to achieve the weight loss goal. To see actual patient testimonials, visit CMWM's YouTube channel at Visit California Medical Weight Management on the Web at