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09/07/2014 Offers Fixed price service and total automated process delivering autonomy and discretion For Online Mugshot Mitigation

Online PR News – 07-September-2014 – London, DC – MIAMI, FL., September 04, 2014 /, a new provider of reputation management services, announces its fixed price service technology solution for the mitigation of online mugshots for its customers.
(Video: ) was developed with the intent to help those individuals that may have had a brush in with the law and are faced with defending themselves from the publishing of their mugshot. Many times an arrest does not lead to a conviction, but the internet and the publishers of mugshot images demonstrate littler regard for this distinction, they present the information as if everyone that has a mugshot has been convicted and play upon the feelings of shame and pressure individuals to pay to have their images removed from their site. But, all too often the site image morphs and multiplies to other sites and what may have begun as a single site now morphs into a dozen offering to ransom the same image without any guarantee that the images will cease to be available. has developed a comprehensive and targeted process to provide a highly cost effective solution for its customers for the mitigation of online mugshots being the top returned search images when someone’s name is input into a search engine. A new leader in providing reputation management services, is committed to continuing to improving its solutions to combat the unethical practice of mugshot posting websites. As a driving policy, will not work with or pay mugshot posting websites to remove a client's mugshot listing or photo. A spokesperson stated that they are committed to remaining true to their mission of providing an affordable and comprehensive reputation management service that serves the best interest of their clients because their company creed at is that “It Could Happen To You”.
All 50 states, including the District of Columbia, have passed open public records acts. Also known as Sunshine laws, the laws mandate transparency with respect to records created by government officials and employees, with few exceptions. Mugshot websites, websites that publicly post booking photos and arrest records, have exploited these transparency laws for money and advertising dollars. It is a harsh reality for those arrestees, whether ultimately exonerated or not, that have found themselves subject to this practice, stated a spokesperson.
The proliferation of mugshot posting websites is truly astonishing, with a near explosion of them occurring in 2012. There are currently more than 80 online mugshot posting websites and the number of new entrants into the arena seems to be growing daily. News coverage of the practice of mugshot posting websites is also on the rise, with mainstream news outlets regularly reporting on the practice, including ABC News, NBC News, The Miami Herald, Huffington Post, National Public Radio, The New Yorker, and Reuters.
Unfortunately, stated the spokesperson, one of the most common complaints we hear from our customers is that when they get to us they have already paid several mugshot posting sites, or alleged mugshot removal sites, hundreds or even thousands of dollars only to find that their mugshot photos and listings still remain prominently posted on the Internet. What I tell people every day is that this is truly a buyer beware industry, because even if you decide to pay a mugshot website to have your photo removed, assuming they comply with the request, your photo will likely be published on several of the other mugshot posting websites. We always advise our customers that the best solution is to use a reputable online reputation management service like Companies that promise Mugshot Removal mislead unknowing customers as no one can remove an image posted on the internet, except the person that placed it there, assuming it was not duplicated.

Given the FBI's most recent report on crime, disclosing that more than 12.4 million people were arrested in the United States and the ever growing number of mugshot posting websites, is well positioned to deliver superior reputation management solutions into the future to assist customers that find their name and mugshot photos prominently posted on the Internet.
About, LLC is new leader in providing reputation management services and is committed to continuing to improve its solutions to combat the unethical practice of mugshot posting websites.
A new provider of online reputation management services, mission is to provide individuals with the most comprehensive and affordable mugshot removal solutions. currently serves customers in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.