Medical Nutritionist Publishes Videos to Help Kids Eat Healthy and Prevent Childhood Obesity

Survey reveals 68% of kids said they would change their eating habits after watching one of the seven videos. 76% of them said they did.

Online PR News – 05-September-2014 – Union County, NJ – Medical nutritionist Nancy Lessner has an innovative new way to educate, motivate and empower kids and teens to eat healthy and avoid toxic foods and drinks with her "Eat Right. Drink Right. Live Right." series of 7 videos.

Lessner believes she has a breakthrough method because recent surveys filled out by kids, teens and parents after watching the videos showed that kids are immediately changing their eating habits as a result of what they saw and learned:

• 68% who watched a video said that they will change their unhealthy habits
• 76% of those kids reported weeks later that they did change their habits
• Another 5% of those who originally said they would not change or were undecided changed their minds and did change their habits
• Those that changed their habits are reporting very positive benefits: more energy, sleeping better, losing weight, feeling better, fitting into clothes, etc.

Childhood obesity is a tragic epidemic that affects kids everywhere

Lessner's videos feature amazing and convincing demonstrations that show kids just how much sugar-laden and processed foods they consume every month. They feature a number of children who are disgusted by what they see and realize just how bad popular foods and drinks can be, especially when they learn what’s inside fast foods like chicken nuggets, and in soda and juice drinks. The videos include:

• How Much sugar Kids and Teens Eat
• The Best and Worst Snacks
• Good and Bad Fast Foods
• How to Read Nutrition Facts Labels
• The Family That’s Doing It Right!
• 20 Great Habits of Healthy Eaters
• 79 Reasons to Eat Healthy

"Childhood obesity is a tragic epidemic that affects kids everywhere," Lessner recently said. "Obesity in our precious children can be prevented and reversed, and it all starts with education and motivation of kids and their families."

To watch the trailer and "How Much Sugar Kids and Teens Eat," go to:

To learn about the results of the survey of 170 kids and parents and how the videos resulted in positive changes, go to:

Read the story of Rachel Leone, 10, of Roselle Park, NJ who went from loving chicken nuggets to saying, "I’m not going to eat them anymore," in less than two minutes, at:

About Nancy Lessner
For 20+ years, Nancy Lessner has been a medical nutritionist, during which time she developed behavior modification techniques incorporating food awareness, education, and diet, providing tools to help clients address all aspects of their relationship with food. She works with families and children to create a healthy lifestyle and eating environment. Nancy developed a specialty in working with children aged 4-18 on a variety of issues surrounding obesity. She has worked with thousands of kids throughout her career.

About publishes videos that educate, motivate and empower kids to WANT to eat healthy, avoid toxic foods, drinks and ingredients, and take control of their health.

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