The Free Script Viewer Helps Professionals View SWF Files For Identiying Problems In Them

The App Can Decompile Even Encrypted Files

Online PR News – 07-September-2014 – . – There are professionals who may want to view the action scripts in their SWF files, files that contain Flash movies, etc. for identifying issues, if any, in them. These people may find the Free Script Viewer very useful because the app will allow them to decompile these files easily for finding out problems in them.

The Free Script Viewer is a handy tool and it comes with a number of advantageous features as well. That is why it is considered an ideal choice among a number of similar products available on the Internet. The main function of this app is that it helps in viewing the action scripts in SWF files and those containing action movies for checking them thoroughly.

This is a standalone tool which means users need not acquire any additional specifications for using this. Furher, the app can be downloaded on any Personal Computer or laptop that works on Windows OS.

The Free Script Viewer is a clean app and it can be downloaded without issues or apprehensions about the security of the device on which it is downloaded. Downloading and installation will not take much time also. With its simple interface, the app does not have any aspect that may confuse the users. Additonally, the Free Script Viewer is so flexible that it supports almost all SWF files.

With the help of this app, users can decompile even encrypted files. Users can open several files simultaneously and so, their time and efforts are considerably saved also. They can include even zipped files to their list and check for the required information. Users can view all the details including the frame labels, timeline view, instance names, etc. without any interruptions. They can check every file thoroughly because the app allows them to check them in their complete forms. So, they can rest assured that there will not be any errors.

Users can add or edit the SWF metadata for which they have to make only a few clicks. They can extract the scripts as separate files so that they can easily edit them and identify errors, if any, in them. The Free Script Viewer comes with the drag and drop function also and it is truly a convenient app.

About The Free Script Viewer

The Free Script Viewer helps viewing action scripts in SWF files, files that contain Flash movies, etc. easy so that users can identify issues, if any, in them. It is by decompiling these files with the help of this app users can find out the problems in them.

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