Online Puzzle Specialists Create A Dynamic Range Of Teasers To Keep Fingers And Brains Active

An online puzzle company have created a host of puzzles for adults aimed at stretching the brain as well as providing a modern twist on traditional games.

Online PR News – 07-September-2014 – Saskatoon – Puzzle Master have their own collection of unique puzzles and games, as well as variations of classics which, in addition to providing entertainment, challenge the brain. Their puzzles are rated on a difficulty scale so customers can set themselves suitable levels of challenge and then try to exceed these. Regularly stimulating your brain gives it strength, just like the muscles in the body. Doing so also sharpens synaptic response. Puzzle Master have used their awareness of this to produce games which provide stimulation and excitement for the brain.

The iconic Rubik’s Cube has been a popular puzzle choice for decades. Puzzle Master has been in contact with many new rotational puzzle designers from all over the world. These designers have developed a huge array of rotational puzzles which work in a similar way to the cube, whilst offering a whole new world of challenge. Variations include different shapes such as pyramids, spheres and the level 10 octahedron. Customers particularly enjoy Puzzle Master’s novelty rotational puzzles which range from birthday cakes to illusion cubes.

The Puzzle Master Website stocks a range of other twisty puzzles including the ‘Megaminx.’ The Megaminx puzzles work in a similar way to the Rubik’s cube, with the aim being to mix them up and then put them back together. Their design is based on varieties of polyhedra, with differing colours and forms. For budding gamers, Gear Cubes have a unique twist- they include a gear mechanism, allowing each part to make twelve 90° turns within one rotation. The easiest part of the puzzle is to put it back into cube form; the second stage is getting each face to have just two colours and the final challenge is to completely solve the puzzle.

About Puzzle Master

Puzzle Master Incorporated began as a small business which traded at trade fairs and Christmas markets. When managing director, Allan Stein, realised the potential and popularity of his business, he developed a website from which could ship his puzzles around Canada and to the rest of the world. To view the variety of puzzles Puzzle Master has to offer, visit or to ask a specific question telephone 1-888-249-5813.