Low Testosterone - Cell Phones and Laptops Under Scrutiny

As technology becomes a part of our everyday life we continue to suffer from the side effects of convenience.

Online PR News – 04-September-2014 – Wilmington, NC – Dr. David Friedman, Nationally Recognized Health Expert and Host of "To Your Good Health Radio" has released an article entitled "Low Testosterone – Could Your Cell Phone or Laptop Be to Blame?" Today more men suffer from Low testosterone than ever before in history and it is now considered an epidemic! The causes of low testosterone (also called low T) are perhaps more shocking than the percentage of men who suffer from this mentally and physically debilitating condition. Most of us assume that the number one cause of low T is aging, however, with so many men now suffering from low T before their time, it begs to reason that much more is at play here than just the unwelcome workings of aging. If you are a man and reading this on your laptop or smartphone, brace yourself. According to Dr. Friedman, cell phones, laptops and even household cleaners can deplete testosterone levels!

Low Testosterone – Could Your Cell Phone or Laptop Be to Blame?

In addition, an alarming amount of money is being spent by men annually on male enhancing drugs ($3 billion dollars) but most men probably do not know that while these drugs may be boosting their bedroom activity, they are also increasing their chances of suffering from a heart attack or stroke! In this enlightening article, Dr. Friedman not only shares the risk factors for low T and how to avoid them but he also provides information on how to actually reverse the condition naturally without the gels, patches and injections.

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