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Being aware with the help of OSHA training courses can ensure that the workers are updated with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves against any hazards and to keep citations away.

Online PR News – 04-August-2010 – – Everyone in the construction industry is familiar with the citations given by OSHA to several organizations for the health and safety violations. There are a large number of dollars spent by numerous big to small companies on penalties put on them by OSHA when the guiding principles and standards are violated by them.

OSHA keeps on monitoring the construction industry as the risk level is the highest. If you are in that industry, you can expect an inspection from OSHA any time. But, are you 100% complying with their standards? The following points are some of the citations faced in the construction industry:

* Wiring methods, equipment and components for general use
* Respiratory Protection
* Fall protection systems criteria and practices
* Training requirements
* General safety and health provisions
* Safety training and education
* Head protection
* Eye and face protection
* Stairways
* Asbestos
* Cranes and derricks

The above are only some of the points, but there are of course more. You would want to stay as far as possible away from these violations. How could you achieve that? To have your staff educated for OSHA safety trainings and OSHA certifications are the most significant point that every employer should remember. OSHA 30 Hour Safety Course has been providing a complete suite of OSHA safety training courses to help organizations stay in compliance with OSHA standards and avoid getting cited by them.

Being trained or educated for OSHA compliance training will give your organization credit. First of all OSHA checks if all employees have proper certificates for working in a particular area. And secondly when the workers are trained and get acquainted with all the safety guidelines, they would know how to work in a safe manner and avoid any hazard that prevails in the workplace. This will lessen the possibility of violating any regulations or getting any penalties.Register today with OSHA 30 Hour Safety Course and abide by the rules set by OSHA.

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