New Diamond District Comes Up Swiss Timepieces Along With Interesting Fine Jewelry Accessories

Leading suppliers of fine jewelry accessories & certified diamond jewelry, New Diamond District comes up with interesting & attention grabbing Swiss timepieces.

Online PR News – 04-September-2014 – USA – Diamonds are best friends for many luxury seeking men and women. With Diamonds become friendlier. The company is selling great deal of fine jewelry accessories alongside other certified diamond jewelry and Swiss timepieces. Clients will be having flexibility to customize these timepieces as per their requirements. has the capability to create distinctive and unique articles from the selected Swiss pieces by the clients. The company used a black PVD coating process and million dollar equipment to transform the stainless steel to custom made articles in stealth black. The company has a separate manufacturing unit where they maintain the quality of Swiss watch making and the same dials and finished pieces are sold online through New Diamond District on eBay store.

The company also specializes in other forms of jewelry like rings, wedding bands, color jems jewelry and so much more. What makes the company stand apart is that they buy their watches through dealers authorized for selling the same. They only go by the established lines of distribution. They normally ensure that the watches are of good quality. The company supplies these items in large quantity and operates at a very low cost so that the watches can be sold at good margins.

Talking about the staff of the company, they procure only best in class designers with an ability to customize the diamond watches as per the needs of customers. These customers are adept at producing tactile designs which look elegant on wearing. They ensure that the products carry world-class craftsmanship and to second, they also pass through a stringent quality check.

According to one of the senior partners of the company “We have decade of experience when it comes to designing customized diamonds watches and we have relationship with all the best jewelers who can help our customers personalize the look and feel of articles as per their requirements. New Diamond District on eBay is a popular store online and many of our customers visit the store very frequently. They place orders with us because they get customized designs which they do not get elsewhere. Talking about in particular, we are very unique as we just don’t serve watches, but also provide bracelet, bangles, rings, wedding bands and so much more. All of these are made up of high quality materials and they are passed through a proper quality check. We also forward greater discounts to customers and they are quite happy with our products and service offerings.”

Apart from the above mentioned qualities, the store also provides certification making the jewelry more credible. The store policy has a great returns policy in place. The weight accuracy is almost close and the photographs used by New Diamond District on eBay are real.

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