Stuart Pease - 30 Years' Experience In Glass Reinforced Plastic

Stuart Pease is a GRP mouldings company based in Rotherham in Yorkshire. With more than 30 years experience, the company has grown with the technology into a world-renowned expert.

Online PR News – 04-August-2010 – – For immediate Release

Glass reinforced plastic is continuing to prove to be an ideal material to work with in order to meet today's increasing demand for innovative, versatile products that combine strength and high quality design.
Rotherham, United Kingdom, August 2010 - One of the problems facing many manufacturers and designers is that more and more is required from every design, with more strength, more creativity, more originality and more functionality. But all of this adds up to a single challenge that has been facing a growing number of developers, and has required a good understanding of how modern technology and traditional, hands-on manufacture can be combined to produce solutions that fit the bill. Stuart Pease is a company specialising in the manufacture of products using glass reinforced plastic, a material which combines great strength, lightness and the ability to be moulded, vacuum moulded, shaped, cut, glued and fabricated in an almost limitless range of ways to enable the demands of consumers.
Stuart Pease has been working with glass reinforced plastic for over thirty years, during which time they have been able to supply unique, one off prototypes as well as mass production of products for companies as diverse as Coca Cola, Jaguar Cars, Alton Towers and Boots the Chemist. Creating everything from the front panels for the new Xanthos 23 sports car to rollercoaster rides, displays and advertising products, Stuart Pease has gained a national reputation for providing high quality products that are very accurately developed.
Using sophisticated computer aided design to develop accurate scaled designs and plans, all of the glass reinforced plastic products are then hand-made using traditional hand-lay moulding methods for an outstanding level of quality and a superb finish. Providing a high level of resilience glass reinforced plastic, or GRP as it is commonly referred to, provides an ideal material for products such as chairs which need to be lightweight yet self supporting under pressure. Initially developed by the Navy and Air Force for the hulls of ships and planes, GRP provides a strong, waterproof and highly versatile material which can be moulded and fabricated to almost any design and shape.
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