Boutique-Style Home Party Plan Offers Unique Income Opportunity

Cloud 9 Parties, a boutique-style romance home party plan company, is the first to offer a Pay-As-You-Go Starter Kit option for new representatives.

Online PR News – 04-September-2014 – Phoenix, AZ – Cloud 9 Parties has just announced a new Pay-As-You-Go Plan, a first for a direct sales organization. Since the doors opened in 2012, Crysti Sheldon, Founder and CEO of Cloud 9 Parties, has had an unwavering vision for the romance home party plan company.

The new payment option is the first like it in our industry, Sheldon explained. There are a lot of people that want to get in the door without a large dollar amount down. Until now, those eager reps have had two options. They could either buy the bottom on the line starter kit or they could wait until there was a kit sale and hope they remembered. Neither of these options worked to set them up for success.

The promise of the direct sales industry is that it allows women to start their own home businesses today. Now, with one payment of $50 a high quality Starter Kit will ship out the door. Sheldon went on to explain, the new representative can jump right in and start booking parties and making an income. They have three months to pay the kit off in full but many are able to do it in less time.

My vision for Cloud 9 Parties was to offer a product line that was unique and I have accomplished that with gusto. The compensation plan for representatives is also at the top in our industry but it is really all about options. The new Pay-As-You-Go option is offering both affordability and making long term goals more achievable by allowing new representatives to begin work immediately without an initial financial strain.