River Faught’s Award-Winning Documentary Film “Flesh on Fire: Addicted to a Dream,” Now on VUDU.

“Flesh on Fire: Addicted to a Dream,” the award-winning feature documentary film about an actor’s struggle to make it in Hollywood, is now available on VUDU.

Online PR News – 04-September-2014 – Los Angeles, CA – Radical Humility Productions and Ironside Productions announced that Los Angeles based distribution company Indie Rights will release River Faught’s award-winning feature documentary film “Flesh on Fire: Addicted to a Dream.” (www.fleshonfirethemovie.com) Indie Rights distributes a catalog of over two hundred “Indie” films to premium digital outlets such as Amazon, Google Play, M-Go and SnagFilms. “Flesh on Fire: Addicted to a Dream” is now being released on VUDU.

“Flesh on Fire: Addicted to a Dream” is a feature documentary film that takes the viewer on an intimate roller coaster of pain and joy as actor Donnie Faught climbs his way out of the backwoods of Arkansas to success in the City of Angels. Along this journey, passionate (and volatile) relationships are ignited, but some are agonizingly sacrificed, all for the ultimate dream of making it on the big screen. Faught’s unwavering determination to succeed in an industry that swallows people whole and spits them out broken, is a testament to his burning passion that refuses to be extinguished.

Flesh on Fire took home the "Audience Award" at the LA Film, TV and Webisode Festival in Hollywood. The film provides a raw and intimate view of the extent that an actor (Faught) will sacrifice to follow his dreams, especially under the strain of divorce, losing his daughter and his mother’s diagnosed brain tumor. Filmmakers, actors and other artists are relating to this inspirational story of love, perseverance and passion. This film follows an actor but is truly a human story.

“The sole purpose of this film is to inspire people to follow their dreams at all cost. We wanted a distributor who got that message and who understood what goes into making this type of human story,” said River Faught, of Radical Humility Productions. “Indie Rights is a perfect fit and we are extremely excited to be working with them. They give “indie” films the much desired attention they deserve.”

“Flesh on Fire: Addicted to a Dream, “ took three years to complete with over one hundred hours of footage to edit. It is shot in fourteen locations, using seven different formats and is ninety-nine minutes long. It is accompanied by a two hundred and eighty page book, "Making the Movie: The Donnie Faught Journals".

“I recall viewing the footage for the first time, seeing a broken-hearted Donnie Faught drunk, in his car, crying over the loss of his daughter. Through the drunken slurs and profanities I saw a glimpse of my mother around that age, a broken soul yearning for meaning and hope,” said Benjamin Ironside Koppin, Director and Editor of Flesh on Fire: Addicted to a Dream. “We worked on the film for two years, trimming the fat and creating a film that accurately portrays the story of Donnie’s life and passion. He allowed us to see a side of humanity we don’t normally see.”

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