TimeFlair, Founder Institute Startup, Targets Faster Job Completion, Launches Outsourcing Platform.

New startup company from the Philippines targets outsourcing and service delivery with quicker turnaround and quality virtual assistants.

Online PR News – 04-September-2014 – Makati, Philippines – TimeFlair, an online job outsourcing platform from the Manila leg of one of the world’s largest startup incubator The Founder Institute, is set to launch its startup to help small businesses get more things done with less, faster.

TimeFlair targets to limit the costs of businesses in achieving various administrative tasks (such as data entry, writing, inbox management, etc.) on a quick 48-hour turn-around time through the rigorously-selected TimeFlair Virtual Assistants. Each VA goes through a strict 9-step hiring process and only 1-2% get hired. Successful candidates are then trained further in TimeFlair University, a rich resource of tools and facilities they will need to know about managing and completing client specific goals.

To ensure that a business finds the perfect talent for his task, the platform uses an algorithm that filters the search based on the business' criterion and presents a maximum of three TimeFlair VAs that meet the required skill set. Why three? This is done to ensure that if a VA encounters any trouble (power outage, internet problems etc.) there will always be 1-2 people who are equally qualified to get the job done, without having the client go through the whole process again.

"At TimeFlair you can FOCUS on your Business, while we handle the rest. As Steve Jobs famously put it: Focus is something very hard to achieve, but is very crucial. People think focus means saying yes to things you've got to focus on, but that is not what it means at all. It means saying no to hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully."

“So whether it’s planning your next vacation, booking a flight, or reserving seats to a hot Broadway show, TimeFlair can take those time-sinking tasks off your plate so you can focus on what’s important.” says TimeFlair President and Co-Founder Rodel Mendoza. “We understand how time is very important for any business that’s why we’ve designed TimeFlair with a seamless user-interface that lets them quickly get the fit TimeFlair assistant that gets the job done on time,” he adds.

TimeFlair removes the worries of businesses of employees or freelancers not meeting deadlines. TimeFlair does the monitoring for all clients, ensuring that tasks are assigned to a qualified TimeFlair Virtual Assistant, whether they be administration, writing, or web design jobs.

An increasing number of freelancers have helped international businesses grow in the past years. The launch of TimeFlair aims to tap this huge pool of talent to provide businesses a platform that assures quality work output within the least time possible. “We assure businesses that our assistants will complete their tasks, as such, we are offering a money-back guarantee for clients, should billed tasks be deemed unrendered,” said Mendoza.

TimeFlair hails as one of the 1st batch of startups out of The Founder Institute to successfully incorporate and start operations this September.

After being one of the lead in efforts to bring The Founder Institute in Manila, startup incorporation specialist David Elefant joins TimeFlair as Co-Founder. “Seeing the exceptional team that Rodel has gathered to launch TimeFlair, I could not refuse his offer to be a co-founder,” David says. “There is no limit to the potential of providing outsourcing services from the Philippines. TimeFlair's services are needed worldwide and the talent pool available here will allow it to reach its targets.” Jojy Azurin, Freelancer Regional Director for Continental Asia, and Grace Clapham, Co-Founder of The Change School and winner of 2014 “Inspirational Leadership” award, both join the team as TimeFlair advisors.

Upon its launch, TimeFlair plans to target small-to-medium scale businesses in the Philippines and Australia, with plans to further expand in other markets globally.

TimeFlair’s outsourcing and project management services are accessible through www.timeflair.com. Please contact sales@timeflair.com for more information.