We An-Ser Focuses On Safety For Lone Workers During Summer Heat

We An-Ser Communications focuses on providing safety for employees that work remotely or alone. One of the dangers that they face is working in hot weather

Online PR News – 09-September-2014 – Calgary, AB – We An-Ser Communications focuses on providing safety for employees that work remotely or alone. One of the dangers that they face is working in hot weather conditions during the summer months. We An-Ser wants businesses to be aware of the issues that can occur and educate employees about these potential problems.

Employers are responsible for employees in extreme work conditions, including hot temperatures. It is the job of supervisors and managers to monitor employees and train them on proper behavior in these conditions. We An-Ser wants them to be aware of techniques for prevention such as drinking more water to remain hydrated and taking breaks. They must also be educated in the proper procedures in case an employee should become overheated.

The greatest danger during summer is heat exhaustion or heat stroke. This threat is exacerbated in certain working conditions and by hard physical activity. It can lead to illness and even death. The danger is most serious early in the season when people are not used to the change in temperature. Employers can best protect their employees by training staff and monitoring them.

For those employees that work in remote locations, monitoring can be difficult. We An-Ser Communications provides the answer with the service they provide in the Lone Man program. Through this program, the company provides journey management, smartphone applications, GPS services, Man Down, interactive voice response service and even SMS and email service for those workers that are alone or travel from one location to another.

"We recognize the level of responsibility that employers have for their remote employees, and we seek to assist them in providing constant communication for improved employee safety." Ashley Maszaros, owner of We An-Ser Communications.

Workers with certain conditions or taking specific medications may be even more susceptible to the weather. Previous history of heat exhaustion or heat stroke can also make a person move vulnerable. According to webmd.com, the most common symptoms of heat exhaustion include headache, fatigue, fainting, dizziness, nausea, muscle cramps, and confusion.

Heat stroke symptoms include the same, along with a lack of sweating and red, hot skin. This is a serious condition and the person may not be able to reach emergency care on his or her own. That is why contact with others is so essential for those that work in hot conditions alone.

We An-Ser Communications provides a variety of services for companies that have workers out on a jobsite alone. They also offer communication and monitoring services for companies in many industries. They work with small companies, medium-sized businesses and large corporations. Besides the Lone Man program, We An-Ser provides for dispatch, reception, security systems monitoring and facility monitoring. These services are designed to help companies in all industries with improved customer service, security and employee communication.

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