(VoSD) today announced ‘Race to 11L’ a unique fundraiser aimed.at VoSD stray dog rescue service.

VoSD allows people the opportunity to participate and engage by committing financially towards raising Rs 11 lakhs* the operational expense for just one month.

Online PR News – 04-September-2014 – 2nd Sept 2014, Bangalore, karnataka – The Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD) ‘Race to 11L’ fundraiser has just been announced! Through this, VoSD allows people the opportunity to participate and engage, by committing financially towards raising Rs 11 lakhs*, the operational expense for just one month at VoSD Stray Dog Rescue Service.
For the uninitiated, VoSD runs the most sophisticated stray dog rescue operation in India with every stage automated and documented; a no refusal policy and a 100% pick up rate. In fact 'Live Updates' are provided to those reporting dogs on text and email every step of the way and in real time. VoSD is thus unprecedented in how it addresses critical care-giving to ownerless street dogs of Bangalore, right from providing the most modern vet services available anywhere in the country: MRIs & X-rays, sophisticated surgeries, intensive prolonged diagnostics, special diets, expensive medication to complete rehabilitation, VoSD does it all. And for free!
VoSD boasts of many firsts: the country's first Canine Blood Bank 100% free for stray dogs, a single toll-free number for easy access, upgraded VoSD CRM 3.0, a feature-heavy superior system and the world’s very first Stray Dog Rescue App ChammC V 1.0 for a quick & easy rescue!
That said, VoSD's continuously evolving rescue effort means costs increase rapidly. A snapshot of developments/investments for the last 90 days highlights the pace of growth and current level of operations at VoSD and thus, the need for the ‘raceto11L’ fundraiser;
No of dogs rescued is: 628 dogs (Total rescues in 22 months of inception is 2700+ dogs)
Increase in no. of permanent resident dogs: 50+ (400+ reside with VoSD permanently )
Increase in full-time staff: 5 (Total staff strength 23). Increase in wage bill is ₹ 3 lacs
Industrial Freezers increased: 500 litres (Total is 1400) + Backup Power supplies added: 2*24 hr power (Total is 10KVA in 5 packs). Including freezer, increase in cost is ₹ 1.1 lacs
Increase in rice/month: 200 kgs (Total is 600 kgs/ month) Increase in cost is ₹ 20K
Increase in kibble/month: 160 kg (Increase in cost is ₹ 50k)
A brand new VoSD Trauma Centre being set up from scratch. Cost ₹ 3 lacs
Launch of the world's first Dog Rescue Android App ChammC V 1.0 ( version cost ₹ 1 lac)
Version release of VoSD CRM 3.0 (version cost ₹ 4 lacs)

Monthly expenditure, excluding infrastructure costs like vans, medical equipment, kennels, etc. is now ₹ 11.40 lakhs (*Food and food supplements at ₹ 275,000, Veterinarians and medication at ₹ 350,000, Rescue operations (fuel, consumables, vehicles) at ₹ 200,000 and Salaries at ₹ 315,000). Despite all this, VoSD still remains 90% funded by its founder. Through the ‘raceto11L fund raiser, VoSD thus aims to give patrons the opportunity to support them financially and thereby effect a change in the lives of Bangalore's stray dogs.

Transparency being a VoSD hallmark, all patrons have access to all details with respect to their contributions, via a publicly listed document on www.strays.in. To participate, visit http://www.raceto11l.strays.in/ to donate. Every little contribution helps. And every contribution helps VoSD do much, much more.

About VoSD:

‘The Voice of Stray Dogs’ is India’s largest & most efficient privately run dog rescue service for stray dogs– and completely free. VoSD is a privately run not for profit organization and runs the world’s largest website and repository of legal, data analysis and investigative information on stray dogs on www.strays.in. VoSD provides state of the art services; a trauma centre, a single toll free number, a unique CRM based tracking & despatch system, 3 dedicated rescue vehicles, and we provide modern vet services including MRIs, X-rays, diagnostics, sophisticated surgery and rehabilitation to the dog on the street. The infrastructure, built purely on its own resources, is run by a dedicated team of full time individuals and committed volunteers.

Some of what VoSD does can be seen at –
www : www.strays.in
fb: www.facebook.com /thevoiceofstraydogs
g+: (https://www.google.com/+StraysIn)