ETC Opens Enrolments For Tourism And Hotel Management English

Bournemouth based language training specialist opens new courses this autumn.

Online PR News – 04-September-2014 – Bournemouth – Starting today, ETC International College accepts applications from students interested in pursuing a rewarding career in the tourism and hotel management industry. The Tourism and Hotel Management English programme has the role of training the students' English proficiency, so they are prepared to work in the field. Following the graduations, learners will be able to communicate effectively in all sorts of situations and successfully handle a wide range of business and tourism-related situations.

The Tourism and Hotel Management English course also addresses those who intend to take an examination in tourism English. The LCCI EB Written English for Tourism exam is one example of qualification that would make it easier to find a job in the tourism sector. Regardless of whether the student's aim is to become a travel agent, a courier, a tour guide or a hotel manager, the LCCI EB qualification will help him stand out when applying for the position of choice.

The LCCI EB examination consists of two parts, the written exam and the SEFIC oral assessment. Undergraduates interested in taking the exam should know they will have to pay an additional fee for the oral examination. These assessments are available on demand and the ETC International College is flexible in regards to the course dates.

The structure of the Tourism and Hotel Management English module puts an emphasis on teaching students the relevant vocabulary, register and the appropriate grammatical structures used in the industry. The content of the courses also allows students to put their English knowledge into practice via group sessions, seminaries or other communicative practice activities.

The entry prerequisite for undergoing the courses of the Tourism and Hotel Management English module consists of an upper-intermediate English proficiency. Applicants are required to take a test so that the course's leaders can determine whether their English level is appropriate for the module. Students with low scores on the test will be recommended to undergo the General English courses first. This recommendation is meant to ensure the students reap the full benefits of the specialized course.

ETC International College awards an attendance certificate on satisfactory completion of assessments and coursework to students who attend at least 80% of the courses.