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The development of the lathe machine has been a major breakthrough in the engineering and manufacturing industry.

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The development of the lathe machine has been a major breakthrough in the engineering and manufacturing industry. With advancement in technology, more advanced equipments have emerged. The lathe machine has also advanced. Different types and designs have emerged each with special features and abilities.

The V-belt driven lathe machine design means the gears are powered through belt from a powerful motor. They are used for industrial processes especially in engineering for metal cutting, drilling and other metal modifications requiring high precision and accuracy. The areas of special construction of the lathe include the carriage, tail, the apron and the lead screw.

V-Belt Drive Light Duty Lathe Machine is specially constructed for lighter works such as repair workshops and lighter engineering works. They are cost effective and easier to construct while withstanding greater tolerance. They are used for their fast operation, multiple applications and an excellent construction design, the light duty lathe will fulfill your lighter engineering needs.

V-Belt Drive Medium Duty Lathe Machine is suitable for operations requiring more power and bigger work piece. It Comprises of double v belt slot for greater power delivery. The height of center ranges from 212 to 250 millimeters while the spindle bore range from 52 to 80 millimeters depending of the model.

V-Belt Drive Heavy Duty Lathe Machine is used for heavy industrial applications and for cutting heavy shafts and work pieces. Used in ship building industries, Railroad workshops, steel mills and vehicle workshops. Gearing systems are headstock and precision is achieved through accurate calibration and incorporation of dial indicators.

V-Belt Drive Roll Turning Lathe is used mainly for machining finishes in plants such as cement and sheet metal industries. It produces a top quality finish. It is produces surfaces showing great workmanship, which guarantees functionality and durability.

Light Duty All Geared Lathe Machine achieves great perfection in machining and best suited for flexibility in operations. Some of the extra features include accurate spindle balancing for machine parts production, increased size of spindle of enhanced safety and great engineering workmanship for quality parts production.

Medium Duty All Geared Lathe Machine is a robust machine with a solid cast iron framework for enhancing stability and durability. The guide is especially hardened to ensure added strength of the machine and quality of production. The equipment is also made to accommodate different operations in machining.

From “yash lathe machine” the heavy duty all geared lathe come in five models with differing functionalities. Performance is enhanced by selecting the best torque of the spindle using an installed clutch. The gearbox construction enhances flexibility in machining and the equipment has achieved CE certification.

Extra Heavy Duty Pedestal Type Bed - The bed takes a pedestal design and is used for varying machining operations. It is designed for high-speed operation and achieves great performance due to the accurate balancing of the spindle.

Extra heavy duty lathe planner type bed offers increased functionality for heavy industrial jobs. It is also credited with producing a good finish and precision in operation. The equipment comes with a detailed specification guide that you can match with your needs. The V-belt drive lathe machines are widely used in industry due to their efficiency, performance and quality of output. At “Yash Lathe Machines”, a variety of the equipment is available with varying capabilities and delivers great functionality. The durability of the machines is also high and has great efficiency.


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