There is no secret that teenage alcohol use is alive and well in most of the schools and college campuses.

Online PR News – 04-September-2014 – San Diego – There is no secret that teenage alcohol use is alive and well in most of the schools and college campuses. According to the reports made by various studies states that the root cause of teenage alcohol use is the social anxiety. National Institute of Health (NIH) states that anxiety is a psychological risk factor of teenage drinking. There are terrible effects of teenage drinking on modern society and it is becoming vast and deeply rooted in our history. Now-a-days alcoholic beverages have been steeped in tradition and became a common thing.
We all agree that being a teenager is quit challenging, some teenagers cope up with this problem and go through it simply but there are some teenagers who are unable to manage the stresses adolescence brings. Teens that are not able to deal with all these problems often resort to alcoholism and drug use. The great contributors of alcoholism are psychological and environmental factors. When a teenager seems to have problems related to home or school, it becomes a heavy stress on them which results to alcoholism. They try to escape from all these pains with numbing, euphoric effect of alcohol. Some teenagers drink because they think that it is today’s fashion and there is nothing wrong in it.
Stopping teenage drinking can effectively be done by parents only. So parents should always have proper knowledge about the bad effects of alcohol. They should begin teaching their children about alcohol related problems as early as age seven. Because children at this stage are more eager to learn the facts, so they will listen to their parents more eagerly and get aware about terrible effects of alcoholism. Every child learn more in an happy and loving environment so it is necessary that parents first of all create such a environment at home. Then they should openly discuss with them. This open communication will go with them long way and prevent them from teenage alcohol use and mushy setbacks later in life.
Parents, teachers and elders need to know about New Mexico underage drinking prevention programs and remain alert to the signs of alcohol abuse in teenagers around them. It's important to do something about teenage drinking while there's still time. Visit our website to find out how to do something about it now and discover more about the best way to prevent your teenagers from drinking alcohol or you can also call us at 858-633-0071